1.5v DC to 220v AC Converter

12v to 220v Ac inverter

DC to AC Power Converter are often needed at the places where it is not possible to get AC supply. DC to AC power converter circuit is used to convert the DC power to AC power. In this article we are going to make 1.5v DC to 220v AC. Converters can be of two types pure sine wave converters and quasi or modified converters. Pure sine wave converters are costly but  modified or quasi converters are inexpensive.These modified dc to ac power Converter produce a square wave and these are not used to power delicate electronic equipment’s.  I am explaining a modified DC to AC converter in very simple way with only 1 transistor and Two transistors.

power converter with single transistor

In first circuit diagram we have built a very very simple dc to ac converter with single transistor only. Its not Pure sine wave inveter so please do not check its output with multi meter because your multi meter will be damaged if you check the output with it.

12v to 220v Ac inverter

Components required

  1. 12v Battery
  2. 2sc5200 Transistors
  3. 220ohm to 1k Resistor (depending on your transformer)
  4. 12-0-12   220 Volts  step up transformer. (6-0-6 transformer will also work)

A 12 Volts DC to to AC converter can also be designed using MOS FITS.


Principle Of this Circuit

The basic idea behind every dc to ac converter circuit is to produce oscillations using the given DC and apply these oscillations across the primary of the transformer by amplifying the current. This primary voltage is then stepped up to a higher voltage depending upon the number of turns in primary and secondary coils. keep in mind if the turns of coils will be more then converter will produces high volts and if the numbers of turns will be few then it will generates low voltages.

Components required

  1. 12v Battery
  2. 2sc5200 Transistors
  3. 1 to 5k Resistor (depending on your transformer)
  4. 12-0-12   220 Volts  step up transformer.

You can also design DC to  AC converter with mosfit.

Two Transistor  simple dc to ac converter with 2sc5200 NPN (transistor)

1.5v dc to 220v ac converter

Animated circuit diagram


Two Transistors Inverter

Its also same like single dc to ac converter transistor invert-er only difference is that it has two transistor 12v inverter. Its power is two time better than single transistor dc to ac power inverter .

The transistors which we have used are also very powerful so these transistors can not heat up while working.

working is same like single transistor you may use 6-0-6 transformer with 6 volt DC. Its an experimental invert-er. you can use PNP transistor instead of NPN only ischemic will be change here we are also uploading the circuit diagram with PNP transistor.

Circuit Diagram with PNP transistorDC to AC converterIt is circuit diagram for PNP transistor. Any case of any problem please freely ask anything about circuits in comments box we will replay you as soon as possible.

1.5v volts to AC inverter very simple

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