Electrical circuit and symbols used in electrical Circuits

An electrical circuit is a line or path through which an electrical current flows to perform a specific task. This path can be closed or open and closed making it a loop. A closed-circuit makes it possible to flow current. The only closed-circuit can flow current open circuit always unable to flow current.

Commonly used symbols in electrical diagrams

Electrical circuits symbols used in electrical circuits

It is very important to know about the basic components of a circuit and the symbols that are used in circuits. A simple circuit has the following main parts. A simple circuit consists of conductors, a switch, a load, and a power source.


A conductor is a material or thing in which electricity, heat, or sound can flow. An electrical conductor conducts electricity. A commonly used conductor in electricity is a wire that is used to carry electric current from one place to another place.


The switch is simply a small gap or space in the conductor where an electric current can close or open the circuit. When the switch is closed, the circuit is closed and electricity flows, and when the switch is open current does not flow.


The load is a small light bulb, buzzer, water pump, etc that lights when the conductor is closed and the switch is on. The load is also known as a resistor.

Cell or Battery

The power source is called a cell or battery. The power source may have an adopter, battery, cell and etc. Batteries are used in the circuit according to the requirements of the circuit.

Circuits with types

electrical circuit

The circuits diagram should design with clean straight lines, as shown above in the diagram. The above Circuit diagram clearly shows both open circuits and closed circuit.

Electrical Circuits Kinds

Commonly there are two types of circuits, Series Circuit and Parallel Circuit. Click on each to learn more. To learn about both types of circuits click below the link.

More about the electrical circuit, please open click

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