74LS323 8-bit Universal Shift/Storage Register, pinout, datasheet

The 74LS323 is an 8-Bit Shift/Storage Register with 3-state outputs. Its function is similar to the SN54/74LS299 except Synchronous Reset. Input parallel load and flip-flop outputs are multiplexed to minimize pin counting. For flip-flop separate inputs and outputs provided through Q0 and Q7. There are four operations modes are possible: Store, shift right, shift left and parallel load. All modes are activated on Low to high transition of the clock.

SN74LS323 Pinout

74LS323 Pin Configuration

Pin Number Pin Name Description
1, 19 S0 and S1 Input Pins for Mode Select
3, 4 OE1 & OE2 3-State Output Enable  Inputs
4, 5, 6, 7, 13, 14,15,16 I/O0 – I/O7 Parallel Output (3-State) or

Parallel Data Input

8, 17 Q0 and Q7  Serial Output
9 SR Synchronous Reset Input
11 DS0 Serial Data Input for Right Shift
18 DS7 Serial Data Input for Left Shift
12 CP Clock Pulse (input)
7 VSS Ground (- supply)
14 VCC 5V, 10V, 15V  +Supply Voltage

Features/technical specifications of 74LS323 IC

  • Max Supply Voltage: 5.25 V
  • Operating Supply Voltage: 4.75 V to 5.25 V
  • Type of Outputs: 3-State
  • Temperature Range: 0 C to + 70 C
  • Clock Frequency max: 25 MHz
  • Propagation Delay Time Max: 39ns on 5V
  • Com I/O for Reduced Pin Count

Alternatives shift Registers: 

Name Type
74LS379 Quad Parallel Shift Register
CD4035 8-Bit Shift Register
4014  4-Bit static Shift Register
74HC595 Dual 4 Bit Static Register
74LS166 8-bit Shift Register
74LS299 8 Bit Shift/Storage Register

Where to use 74LS323 IC

The 74LS323 is an 8-bit universal Shift/Storage Register often used in projects where many LEDs have to be controlled through the Microcontroller. It can also be used to interface LCD screens because they can act as the data bit for the LCDs display.

Applications of 74LS323 8-bit shift Register

  • Mostly used in Counters, Registers applications
  • uses in Arithmetic-unit registers 
  • Serial-to-parallel/parallel-to-serial conversions
  • Shift-left-shift-right registers
  • Sequence generation applications
  • Code conversion 
  • Control circuits

How to Use 74LS323

It is commonly used with microcontrollers or microprocessors to expand the GIPO functionalities. To choose the mode two function-select inputs (S0, S1) and two output-control inputs (Q0, Q7) can be used. A simple circuit is given below to show the application of 74LS323.

SN74LS323 circuit

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