BC560 Pinout, Equivalent features

BC560 Pinout, Equivalent features

This article is about transistor BC560 pinout, which is a general-purpose PNP transistor available in the TO-92 package. It has the advantage of low noise and high gain and can be used in a wide variety of general applications which fall under its ratings. The BC560 can be used in numerous audio and signal amplification applications and for many general-purpose switching applications.

The BC560 transistor has a current gain between 110 and 800. The gain of the BC560A is from 110 to 220, BC560B ranges from 200 to 450, and BC560C ranges from 420 to 800.

BC560 Pinout, Equivalent features


Transistor BC560 Working Principle

  • NPN and PN transistors have the same working principle. In both types of transistors, the base terminal triggers the transistor to work.
  • If there is no current available at the base point/terminal, the transistor is turned ON and both collector and emitter terminals are forward biased.
  • If current flows from the base terminal, the device is turned OFF, indicating both emitter and collector pins are reverse biased.
  • NPN and PNP transistors are used for amplification purposes, NPN transistors are preferred over PNP transistors.

Replacement or Equivalent of BC560 transistor

The alternate of transistor bc560 are BC556, BC557, BC558, BC636, MPSA18, BC307, SS9015, BC327−40, , 2N2907, S8550, 2N4403, BC527. Please check the pin detail before using them in your circuit instead of BC560.

BC560 Transistor NPN Complementary

The NPN complement of BC560 are BC547, BC548, BC549  and BC550.

SMD alternatives of BC560

The following are the SMD alternatives of BC560:

  • BC857 (SOT-23)
  • BC860W (SOT-323)
  • BC857W (SOT-323)
  • BC860 (SOT-23)

BC560 Applications

  • Darlington Pairs circuits
  • Switching and amplification circuits
  • Sensor circuits and projects
  • Current mirror circuits
  • Drive loads under 100mA
  • Signal amplification projects
  • Mic amplifier circuits
  • Audio amplifiers
  • Radio and RF circuits
  • Increasing audio gain
  • Astable bistable multivibrators projects
  • H-Bridge circuits
  • Used in Comparator circuits
  • Oscillator electronics circuits

BC560 Physical dimensions

Datasheet of BC560

Download datasheets and manufacturer documentation for ON Semiconductor BC560.