Characteristics of Cloud Computing

In this article, we are going to explain the different characteristics of cloud computing. Cloud Computing tutorial that gives basic and more advanced concepts about Cloud Computing. today Cloud Computing tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals. Cloud computing is a virtualization-based technology  service that allows us to create, configure, and customize applications via the internet. Cloud technology includes the development platform, hard disk, software application, database, etc.

This blog will tell you about the key features or Characteristics of cloud computing in detail.

Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Why Cloud Computing?

 large IT companies and small companies, follow the traditional methods to provide the IT infrastructure. That means for any IT company, in which we need a private Server Room that is basic need of IT companies.

In that server room, there should be a database server, mail server, system, high net speed, and maintenance engineers. networking, firewalls, routers, modem, switches, and QPS (Query Per Second ) which means how much queries or load will be handled by the server in cloud computing.

To establish such IT infrastructure, we need lots of money. Cloud Computing comes into existence To overcome all these problems and to reduce the IT infrastructure cost.

Characteristics of Cloud Computing

The characteristics of cloud computing are given.

On-demand self-service

Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, and other public cloud make resources available to users at the click. With data centers all over the world, vast amounts of computing and storage devices are ready. This represents a radical departure for IT teams accustomed to an on-premises procurement process that can take months to complete.

The characteristic of cloud computing goes hand in hand with on-demand computing capabilities. Through a private data center, developers can select the tools and resources they need through a cloud provider's self-service portal and build right away. An admin sets rules and policies to decide what development teams can run.

Resource pooling

To accommodate more users at a time Public cloud providers rely on multi-tenant architectures. The Workloads load of customers is abstracted from the hardware and underlying software. so multiple customers can serve on the same server or host. Cloud providers rely on custom hardware and abstraction layers for security and speed up.

High availability and reliability

The availability of servers is high and more reliable because the chances of infrastructure failure are minimum. Cloud computing users get high availability and reliability through the connection to the internet of clouds.

Rapid elasticity and scalability

Cloud offers "on-demand" provisioning of resources on a large scale, without having engineers for peak loads. Clouds offer on-demand services that make the best way to attract customers.


It is a multi-sharing resources pool of service. It is the best service. With the help of cloud computing, multiple users and applications can work more efficiently with cost reductions by sharing common infrastructure.

Device and Location Independence

Cloud computing enables the users to access all own systems by using a web browser regardless of their location or what device they can use in this service,e.g. PC, mobile phone, etc. As infrastructure is off-site (typically provided by a third-party)and accessed through the internet in which users can connect from any place  and any time

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is the special character of cloud computing because Maintenance of cloud computing applications is easy since they do not need to be installed on each user's computer and can be accessed from different places. So, it reduces the cost of software and other resources which depend on our needs.

Low Cost/ Economical

By using cloud computing, the cost will be reduced because to take the services of cloud computing, an IT company need not set up its own infrastructure and we can pay-as-per usage of resources .it is the best way to save extra charges.

Services in the pay-per-use mode

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are provided to the users so that they can access anywhere  services on the cloud by using these APIs and pay the charges as per the usage of service Essential character of cloud.