Cloud Service Provider Companies

Cloud Service providers (CSP) offer many infrastructures today.

“The cloud service providers host these services in a data center or data server and users can access these services via cloud provider companies  through the  internet connection.”

There are many popular following Cloud Service Providers Companies -

Amazon Web Services (AWS);

AWS(Amazon Web Services) is a secure and popular in-market cloud service platform provided by Amazon. It offers many various  services such as

  • database storage
  • computing power
  • content delivery
  • Relational Database
  • Simple Email
  • Simple Queue
  • Other functionality to increase the organization's growth.

Features of AWS;

AWS provides various powerful features for (building scalable, cost-effective, enterprise applications). Some important features of AWS are given below;

  1. AWS is scalable because it can scale the computing resources up or down according to the organization's demand.
  2. AWS is cost-effective it works on a pay-as-you-go pricing model.
  3. It provides various flexible storage options.
  4. It offers various security services such as infrastructure security, data encryption, monitoring & logging, identity & access control, penetration testing, and DDoS attacks.
  5. It can efficiently manage and secure Windows workloads.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is also called Windows Azure. It will be supported by various operating systems databases, programming languages, and frameworks of different applications and software that allow IT   professionals to easily build, deploy, and manage applications through a worldwide network. It also allows users to create different groups for related utilities.

Features of Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Azure provides users with scalableflexible, and cost-effective
  • It allows developers to quickly manage applications, programs, and websites.
  • It can manage each resource individually.
  • Its IaaS infrastructure provides us with a service to launch a general-purpose virtual machine on different platforms such as Windows and Linux.
  • It offers a Content Delivery System (CDS) for developers to deliver Images, videos, audio, and applications.

Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform is a product or model of Google. It consists of a set of physical devices, such as ( computers, hard disk drives, and virtual machines). It also helps organizations to simplify the migration process.

Features of Google Cloud

  • Google cloud includes various big data services such as Google Cloud Pub/Sub and Google BigQuery, Google CloudDataproc, Google CloudDatalab
  • It offers various services related to networking, including Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Google Cloud Load Balancing, Google Cloud Interconnect, and Google Cloud DNS  and Content Delivery Network It offers various scalable and high-performance
  • GCP offers various serverless services such as Messaging, Compute, Storage, Data Processing, Data Warehouse, Database, and Machine learning (ML)
  • It offers a free cloud shell environment with Boost Mode.


Rack space provides cloud computing services such as hosting web applications, Cloud Block Storage, Cloud Backup, Databases, and Cloud Servers. The main purpose of designing Rack space is to easily manage or control private and public cloud deployments. Its data centers operate in the USA, Hong Kong, the UK, and Australia.

Features of Rackspace

  1. Rackspace features provide different tools that help organizations to collaborate and communicate more efficiently with users.
  2. Through its help, We can access files that are stored on the Rackspace cloud drive, anywhere, anytime using any device.
  3. It gives 6 global data centers.
  4. The Rackspace cloud can manage both virtual servers and dedicated physical servers on the same network at any time.
  5. Rackspace cloud provides better performance at a lower cost.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is used for development to data management and now become a highly scalable cloud computing service. It offers users various services in which  including

  • Elastic Computing Storage
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Database Services
  • Application Services
  • Media Services
  • Cloud Communication
  • Internet of Things.

Features of Alibaba Cloud

  1. Alibaba Cloud offers users a suite of global cloud computing services for both include international customers and Alibaba Group's e-commerce ecosystem.
  2. Alibaba Cloud services are available on a pay-as-per-use basis.
  3. Alibaba Cloud globally deals with its 14 data centers.
  4. Alibaba Cloud provides scalable and reliable data storage.