ESP32 Pinout | ESP-WROOM-32 Pinout

ESP32 pinout

This tutorial explains the ESP32 Pinout in detail. ESP32 is a microcontroller board that has a number of GPIO pins for several functions or purposes. These pins are specified for a specific function and some pins already have fixed functionality. ESP32 Microcontroller has a  greater number of pins when compared to  ESP8266 or Arduino UNO boards.  Knowledge about the pins is essential to start working with ESP32. The main goal of this tutorial is to discuss detailed pin descriptions, functionality, and purpose.

To know about pin detail we read summarized information about the ESP32 board.

Introduction to ESP32

  • ESP32 is the most popular IoT-based microcontroller.
  • The main part of the ESP32 microcontroller board is a Ten silica Tense LX6 chip designed by Espresso Systems.
  • It consists of a dual-core processor and each core can be controlled separately.
  • A total of 48 pins are present in the ESP32 chip however not all these pins are exposed to users.
  • ESP32 Microcontroller comes in two different versions: 30 and 36 pins.
  • Its frequency starts from 80 MHz and goes up to 240 MHz.
  • Ultra Low Power Co-Processor consumption is a main capability that saves a large amount of power using very less power while the main processor is OFF.
  • It contains onboard WiFi and a dual Bluetooth module.
  • ESP32 is cheaper than other microcontrollers.

ESP32 Pinout

ESP32 Microcontroller has multiple variants that differ in functionality, shape, and purposes. In this article, we are going to cover the detailed pinout of the 30-pin ESP32 board that comes with the ESP32-WROOM-32 microcontroller It is also called WROOM32.

ESP32 Chip has a total of 48 pins and 30 pins are exposed to the user while 18 pins are integrated inside the Microcontroller. Some ESP32 boards contain extra six SPI flash integrated pins so these boards are called 36 pins boards.

ESP32 30 Pin Version Board

The below image represents the detailed pinout of the ESP32 30-pin variant containing all its peripherals which we discuss one by one in detail.

ESP32 Pinout


Peripherals inside ESP32 30 Pins

  • A total of 48 pins 30 pins are exposed to the user 18 pins are for communication purposes.
  • ADC pins are 18 and 12-bits
  • Two 8-bit DAC pins
  • PWM channels are 16
  • 10 Capacitive Touch Pins
  • 3 UART
  • 2 I2C
  • 1 CAN
  • 2 I2S
  • 3SPI

This variant contains a total of 48 pins out of which only 30 pins are available for external interfacing remaining 18 pins are integrated inside the chip for communication purposes.