Analog Devices LT8228 Synchronous Controller

Analog Devices LT8228 Synchronous Buck/Boost Controller

Analog Devices LT8228 is a 100 V bidirectional analog device that boosts DC/DC controllers to provide sustainable power in electric vehicles and in hybrid systems. With built-in circuit breaker and other protection ability, the LT8228 is designed for high-reliability systems. It is used in industrial, automotive, medical, military, and avionics devices for high protections.

Analog Devices LT8228

Important Features Analog Devices LT8228

    • Current Regulation or Bidirectional Voltage
    • Bidirectional Reverse Current Protection
    • Input/Output Negative Voltage Protection
    • Bidirectional Current Limit and Boost DC current Short Protection
  • MOSFET Switching Short Detection and Protection
  • Gate Drive 10v
  • 100v Input and Output Voltage Range
  • Voltage Tolerance: ±1.0% Over Temperature
  • Programmable Current Regulation and Monitoring
  • Self-Test, Diagnostics and Fault Reporting device.
  • Programmable Fixed Switching Frequency: 80kHz to 600kHz
  • Dynamic Current Limit and Programmable Soft-Start
  • Fault-Tolerant Current Sharing
  • 38-lead TSSOP package

LT8228 analog device automatically detects the direction of power flow so the direction can be externally controlled. MOSFETs protect against negative voltages in input and output functions.

Analog Devices LT8228