C945 Transistor Pinout, feature, Equivalent

C945 transistor is a general-purpose NPN transistor that is widely used in a variety of commercial and educational electronic circuits. It comes in a TO-92 package, this transistor can drive a max load of around 150mA which is enough to operate many devices in a circuit for LEDs, Relays, ICs, transistors, and other parts of electronics circuits. The saturation of this transistor is only 0.3V DC which is also a good feature of this transistor. Moreover, the transistor is also a low-noise device and has a good DC current gain that is 70 to 700. C945 Transistor Pinout explains all features of the transistor.

 C945 transistor pinout

Pin Number Pin Name Description of Pins
1 Emitter Current flows out 
2 Collector Current flow through 
3 Base terminal triggers the transistor


Features of C945 Transistor

  • Type of Package: TO-92
  • Type: NPN
  • Collector Max Current(IC): 150mA
  • Collector-Emitter  max Voltage (VCE): 50V
  • Collector-Base Max Voltage (VCB): 60V
  • Emitter-Base Max Voltage (VEBO): 5V
  • Collector Max Dissipation (Pc): 400 milliwatt
  • Transition Max Frequency (ft): 200 MHz
  • Min & Max DC Current Gain (hFE): 70 – 700
  • Max Storage and Operating temperature Should Be: -55 to +150 Centigrade

Alternate Of C945 Transistor

It can be replaced with 2N2222, 2N3904, 2SC1815, and 2SC3198 nowadays BC547 is a good alternative to this transistor.  The pin configuration of Some transistors is different from C945 so check the pin configuration before replacing the circuits.

PNP Complementary of this Transistor

NPN Complementary of C945 is A733, BC557,Bc558 and BC556B.

SMD Version of C945 transistor

The SMD version of C945 transistor are 2SC4738 (SOT-23), 2SC2712 (SOT-23), 2SC4116 (SOT-323), FJX945 (SOT-323), KTC3875 (SOT-23) and KTC3875S (SOT-23). These transistors are the same type and have similar parameters.

Applications of C945 

  • It is used in Sensor Circuits
  • Use in Audio Preamplifiers
  • Use in Audio Amplifier Stages
  • Use in Switching Loads under 150mA
  • It is also used in Darlington Pairs
  • RF Circuits also used C945

Uses of C945 Transistor

This transistor has a good DC current gain and low noise due to this it is suitable to use in audio amplifier circuit stages or for the amplification of other electronic circuits. The saturation voltage of mostly BJT transistors is 0.6V DC but the C945 has only a transistor that has 0.3V saturation voltage due to this feature it can perform well in low voltage circuits or in any circuit where low base voltage is available.

C945 Transistor Functions

The transistor C945 is usually used in circuits where we need a high-speed transistor & a low current. It has three semiconductor regions: emitter, base, and collector. When we apply voltage at the base, the current starts to flow between the collector and emitter. In this way, we control the functionality of the electronic circuit through this high-speed low-current transistor.

C945 Datasheet

C945 CAD Model

The CAD Model or 3D model of the C945 Transistor is given below

C945 vs C1815 vs H945 vs BC547

Detail compare table is given below among the 4 transistors. We can easily determine our requirements as needed and we can use a suitable transistor for our application.

C945 VS 2N2222

The transistor C945 is a general-purpose small signal NPN device, almost similar to 2N2222. The difference is only the maximum continuous current: C945 - 150ma, 2N2222 - 500mA.

C945 Manufacturer

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