Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a key phrase many of us hear but do not understand correctly. This is because it encompasses several different systems and services, making it ambiguous or confusing. In the article, we share information about a simple definition of cloud computing, examples of cloud computing, and discuss why companies use cloud computing services in the business.

Definition of Cloud Computing

The simple definition of cloud computing is ; 

Cloud is a term that simply means “the internet service” Computing involves the infrastructures and systems that allow a computer to run and build deploy, or interact with specific information. In cloud computing, this means that instead of hosting infrastructure, systems, or applications on a Hard drive or device, an on-site server,  hosting it on virtual/online servers that connect computer or device through safe internet”.

 the use of off-site systems to help computers to store, manage, process, and/or communicate information through the internet. Instead of on your computer or other local storage, these off-site systems are hosted on the cloud (or the internet). They can help to encompass anything from email servers in software programs, data storage, or even increasing the computer’s processing power.

Cloud computing  and types of cloud computing

Examples of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the use of hardware or software off-site  on the internet that is accessed over networks for the computing needs of users. 

Examples of cloud computing depend on the type of cloud computing services being provided.

Do Cloud Computing Services Have Physical Servers?

Yes, Cloud computing still needs physical servers to perform  functions; the servers are just “virtualized.” This means instead of your application, system, or processes running off a single on-site server, they use multiple servers often in multiple locations connected to each other over the internet and your device over secure virtual networks. This allows the cloud computing service peer-to-peer services and computer-to-computer services multiple people use it and  its scale according to client volume or need. In which deliver the service anywhere anytime with an internet connection.

Why Does Your Business Need Cloud Computing?

Your company is using several cloud computing services then which makes easy your work like a peer-to-peer service,(any client can use your service ).this step builds a good communication impression in the business world. For instance, in which all hosted email providers including Gmail and Outlook are ( Saabs ) cloud computing services. So are popular (CRMs ) and automated marketing platforms such as (Salesforce), Hubspot, Mail chimp, and more.

However, for different companies, additional examples of cloud computing services include as:

  • App Development Platforms
  • Cloud-Based Servers
  • Infrastructure Monitoring & Management
  • Build, Host, & Deploy( Saabs) Services Virtual Machines
  • Data Storage
  • Increasing Bandwidth
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Types of Cloud Computing

The main type of cloud computing is Software as a Service,   Platform as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service.  Function as a service ( FaaS )  is   Server computing, it is also a popular method of cloud computing for businesses purpose.