Flip Flop circuit using Transistors

Flop Flop Using Transistor

This D Flip Flop circuit using Transistors is a classic commonly used flip flop circuit. This flasher circuit is very popular and it is usually the first circuit for building when starting electronic circuit. The circuit diagram is given below.d flip flop circuit

In this project we examine one of the most valuable circuits  the flip flop. Originally it was designed with VALVES, along with its simpler version (without the two capacitors – called a bi-stable Multi-vibrator), it was realized it could store a “bit” of information. The bi-stable Multi-vibrator circuit required an input pulse to the left side of the circuit and the load (say a globe) stayed ON when the signal was removed. A pulse to the other side of the circuit turned the globe OFF. This was the first time an electronic circuit had stored a “piece of information.” This was the beginning of the storage computer. 

Animated presentation of flip flop

Flop Flop Using Transistor

Working of This Circuit

Flip-Flop is also called as Latch. It is a circuit where the output not only depends on the present inputs, but also depends on the former input and outputs. It also works as switch.The flip-flop can be constructed by using two NAND gates or two NOR gates. Each flip flop consists of two inputs, SET and RESET and two outputs, Q and Q’. Flip-flops can be either simple or clocked. In modern usage, clocked circuits are used. The simple ones are commonly called as Latches.

Basically, there are four kinds Flip Flop’s namely:

Types of Flop flop circuits

  1. D Flip-Flop
  2. SR Flip-Flop
  3. JK Flip-Flop
  4. T Flip-Flop

Questions and Answers 


1. What type of multi-vibrator is presented in this project? A stable multi-vibrator. 
2. Name the two other types of multi-vibrator. Mono-stable multi-vibrator, Bi-stable multi-vibrator.
3. How many capacitors does a mono-stable multi-vibrator have? One. 
4. Give another name for a fully conducting transistor. Saturated, bottomed, output 0, output LOW. 
5. What is the value of base voltage when a transistor begins to turn ON? 6 volts 
6. When a transistor is fully conducting, what is the voltage between collector-emitter? 35 volts
7. What is another name for a transistor that is switched OFF? Cutoff, output HIGH, Output 1. 
8. What is another name for an a stable multi-vibrator? flip-flop 

For step by Step building Watch the Video Given Bellow