Different Types of Input Devices and functions

Different Types of Inout Devices

In this article we are going explain Different Types of Input Devices. An input device is a special type of peripheral device that allows making communication along with processing unit of the computer system. Computer’s input devices are mostly to be used for recognized the input data that are provided by users for solving their problems. Input data has many variants like as text, images, audio, and video. These input devices allow transferring data from input devices to computer system.

Different Types of Inout Devices

Different Types of Input Devices 

There are different types of input devices :

  1. Pointing Devices
  2. Game Controller Devices
  3. Audio Input Devices
  4. Audio Output Devices
  5. Visual and Imaging Devices
  • Pointing Device

These are primary input devices because pointing devices create the input interface, with the help of this interface user help to control and feed the instructions to the PC using physical moving hand held devices like as mouse and more. Control the all positions of pointer on the screen of monitor with using pointing devices.

  • Game Controller Devices

These types of devices are designed for playing game with connect to a computer or other gaming system console. The main role of game controller devices is to all individual object, and character in your game.

  • Audio Input Devices

With the help of audio input devices, user can send audio instructions to computer for different tasks such as processing, recording, and more. Many audio input devices work with speech recognition programs, because this software helps to translate spoken words into text document.

  • Audio Input/Output Devices

Some functionality are required for audio and video convert into hear able voice that our ears can hear these voice. This functionality may be special hardware and processing system, and this task can be fulfill by “Audio output devices“.

  • Visual and Imaging Devices

Visual and Imaging Devices allow to user for providing input to computer in the form of images and visual.

  • Webcam: This device uses for capture the real time image, and it connects to computer.
  • Digital Camera: Digital camera is able to store all images and videos store in digital form (memory chip) instead film (reel).
  • Digital Camcorder: Digital camcorder devices are able to recording all video into real-motion.
  • Biometric Scanner: Biometric scanner devices are designed for security purpose, because these devices are capable to identify the persons.
  • Barcode Reader: Biometric scanner devices are designed for security purpose, because these devices are capable to identify the persons.

Functions of Input Devices

To obtain all different types of data from various input devices such as keyboard can allows only alphanumeric information and tracking device feed spatial information, and convert all data into machine language like as 0, 1 form. Finally calculated data provide to computer memory.

Computer’s Input devices are electro mechanical devices which are providing the help to users for allowing inputting into computer system. But, computer can not able to understand these data, so input devices help to convert this data into machine readable format that computer can be easily understood by computer system, and this  translated data is stored into main memory then finally transferred to Central Processing Unit (CPU) for later processing.

Uses of Input Devices

There are few essential uses of input devices; such as –

  • To receive data from users for getting to further processing it
  • To convert the provided data into binary form like as (0’s and 1’s).
  • To broadcast the converted data into the primary memory of computer