Digital logic design analysis and design

digital logic circuit analysis and design

Digital logic design is a methodology in computer engineering that uses numerical values to generate input and output operations. As an expert in digital design, we can develop computers, cell phones, and almost all types of electronic devices.

digital logic circuit analysis and design

Industry Defined of digitalĀ  Logic design

Electronics systems base on digital logic design such as computers, cell phones and etc. This system uses binary digits zero and ones. This system provides the facility to design electronic circuits. Electronics circuits use logic gates to perform any task according to input. These functions get inputs and generate specific output as needed.

Applications of circuit design

Digital logic circuit analysis and design form the base of computer engineering and electrical engineering. This system builds complex electronics circuits that use computational features such as power, logic functions, and user inputs. Hardware such as circuits boards microchips etc is developed using this design. This process uses input, system protocol, and other data in navigational systems, cell phones, computers, or other complex systems.

Career Opportunities

Engineers of logic design develop device structures using information signal transmission, storage and information processing units. The best system required perfect device timing, decrease energy usage, increase performance, and debug coming bugs.

Education and Training

Courses offered

  • Electrical engineering,
  • Computer science
  • Electrical computer engineering

This design covers

  • binary addition
  • Subtraction,
  • Flip-flops
  • shift registers,
  • logic function algorithms,
  • sequential circuits,
  • clocking issues
  • Boolean functions.

After completing these courses, you will understand how to design basic digital circuits, electrical component integration.

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