simple AM Radio

Simple AM Radio receiver at home

November 11, 2020 admin 0

A small and simple AM Radio project with only 2 transistors. Mediumwave stations cab be listened to in your area through this circuit. The variable capacitor (VC1) in parallel with the coil (L1) acts as a tunable resonant circuit. This {Read More}

Walkie Talkie using NRF24L01 and arduino

Walkie Talkie using NRF24L01 and arduino

October 3, 2020 admin 0

Walkie Talkie using NRF24L01: Nowadays we are living in the area of 4G and 5G. Almost all devices enabled 4G or 5G. However, old technologies like walkie-talkie and RF communication are still using. In this modern age, Arduino based walkie-talkie {Read More}

Light Dimmer circuit 1000 watts

Light Dimmer Circuit 1000 Watts Using BT139

September 25, 2020 admin 0

In this article, we are going to explain the 1000W BT139 TRIAC light dimmer circuit by connecting the power line were a raised cardiac dimmer circuit triggered 500k can be adjusted by a potentiometer. It is a commonly used circuit that {Read More}

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piezo buzzer pinout

Piezo buzzer features equivalent

August 15, 2020 admin 0

In simplest terms, a piezo buzzer is an electronic device that produces a tone, alarm, or sound. Piezo buzzer is like tiny little speakers, but unlike speakers, it does not require an amplifier or other circuit to drive. When voltage {Read More}

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How to make remote control on/off switch

Remote control switch circuit using 4017

July 29, 2020 admin 0

This article is about the infrared remote control switch by using simple components. This is simple and easy to make even one can design it at home with simple parts. The main part of this on/off switch circuit is IC {Read More}

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Logic Gates | Types of Logic Gates

Logic Gates | Types of Logic Gates

July 28, 2020 admin 0

A Logic gate is a circuit that has one or more input voltages however only one output voltage. logic gates are basic building blocks of the digital system.OR, NOT,  &  AND Gates are the fundamental kinds of gates. The interrelationship {Read More}

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What is Capacitor its Types,& Pin Detail

What is Capacitor its Types,& Pin Detail

July 6, 2020 admin 0

A capacitor is an electronic component distinguish by its capacity to store an electric charge. A capacitor is a passive electrical part which can store energy in the electric field between a pair of conductors (it is called “plates”). In {Read More}