Home Security System Project Using Laser and LDR

laser light security systme

This is a home security system project that uses laser light and a light sensor LDR. A security system is used to protect our homes, offices, banks, lockers, etc from unauthorized persons. Different types of security systems available and a laser-based security system is also an important and efficient type of Laser light security system.

A Laser security system can detect anything which crosses the laser light and activate sound or noise, or it can call through a cell phone which is attached to this system.

In this project, we have designed a very simple home security system project, which acts like a tripwire and triggers an alarm when the laser is interrupted. We have designed it with few components you can make it as modern as you want.

Home security system project Circuit

laser security system

Components Required for home security system project

      • LDR
      • 230 Ω Resistors (1/4 Watt)
      • 10 KΩ Potentiometer
      • IRF 740 or any
      • Small Buzzer
      • Laser Pointer
      • 4V Battery
      • Connecting Wires

Circuit Design laser light security alarm

The design of the laser security system circuit is simple even it can be made by an inexperienced person at home very easily. LDR and a 10 K Ω resistor are connected in a voltage divider fashion and its output is connected to the buzzer When volts have equally dived the buzzer will remain silent and as laser light fails to drop on LDR the resistance of LDR decreases which trigger the buzzer.

Advantages Laser Security circuit

  • This is very simple, construction and set up for the Laser Security System is very simple.
  • We have used a battery as a power supply, the laser security system can work even when there is a power outage.
  • It can be made at home with simple available components.
  • Laser light can b diverted through simple mirrors to protect more areas.

Disadvantages of home security system

The laser security system alarm works only if the laser light is disturbed by crossing its light. If anyone crosses the protected area without obstructing the laser, it is considered a failure.

Applications home security system project

  • Laser Security System can be used for the safety of lockers in our homes,  even if the code of the locker is hacked, it acts as an additional layer of the security system.
  • This laser security systems can be used to the protected place from pets and children also.

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