how to connect led light to 220v ac

5mm led with 220v

In this article we are going to explain how to connect led light to 220v ac. In today life it becomes more interesting and more important because people want short method and short circuits. So overcome to meet the challenge of modern age we show a simple method to bright led light to 220  volts AC. Led light shown in the following figure is so simple to make.

Circuit Diagram of led light to 220v ac

In this circuit diagram we have used one diode a 56k/1w resistor and a LED. Animated project pic of led light to 220v ac

5mm led with 220v
how to connect led light to 220 ac (Components)

1. An LED – 5 mm or 10 mm of any color any type
2. A diode, preferably 1 N 4007
3. A resistor of 1 watts or higher rating 47k.
4. A two pin male plug

Note:Lower resistor values will give more brightness and higher values will prolong LED life.
Lower wattage of resistor like 1/4,1/2 watt or lower will not do and may burn since they are meant for 6v DC circuits, not for 220v AC Mains.

How to Assemble  

1. Connect black anode of diode to negative of the led 0r as you want.
2. connect the resistor to the positive of the LED or as you want but circuits should according to rules.
3. Connect the free ends of the diode and resistor to the male shown in the pic.
Done. See the attached pic for clarity.
Another circuit with the diode connected “across” the LED is also attached. A bulb base adapter is used instead of a male pin.
It should work on 110v AC / 220v AC Mains.

DC Feature:

It will also work on any battery!!
Once again check all components are connected properly.
After soldering resistor and diode with led now pack it in the two pic plug like that
To increase the efficiency of this circuit connect a 10uf capacitor

Watch Video for more Detail

Now our led bulb is ready to use now test it. It works perfectly.