Ic741-pin-configuration-features: Lm741 ic is the most commonly used op-amp integrated circuit. It is a voltage amplifier ic, it inverts the input voltage at the output, It can be found almost everywhere in electronic projects. It is an 8-pin op-amp IC.

Lm 741 Pin Configuration, Features & Working

Lm 741 Pin Configuration

Lm 741 op-amps Ic pin configuration and testing are given in detail in this article. Usually, this IC is numbered counter-clockwise around it. It is 8 pins integrated circuit and provides superior results in integrator, summing amplifier, and general feedback applications in electronic devices. These are high gain op-amps the voltage on the inverting input can be maintained almost equal to Vin.

Lm 741 Pin Configuration

Pin configuration of lm 741 op-amp  ic is given below

  • Pin 1 is the Offset null.
  • Pin 2 is the Inverting input pin.
  • Pin 3 is a non-inverting input pin.
  • Pin 4 is a negative voltage supply.
  • Pin 5 is an offset null pin.
  • Pin 6 is the output voltage pin ic.
  • Pin 7 is a positive voltage supply.
  • Pin 8 has no connection.

The 741 op-amps are used in two ways such as inverting and non-inverting.

An Inverting Amplifier

In IC 741 pin2 is the input pin and pin6 is the output pin. When the voltage is applied through pin2 the output comes from pin 6(output pin).  When the polarity is positive at the input, the polarity that comes from the output is negative, and vice versa. So the output is always reversed.

Lm 741 Pin Configuration, Features & Working

Non-Inverting Amplifier

In an op-amp, lm 741 IC pin3 is the input pin and pin6 is the output pin. When the voltage is applied through pin3 then the output comes from the output pin 6. When the polarity is positive at pin3, then the polarity on pin6 is also the positive output that remains the same (non-inverting).

Lm 741 Pin Configuration, Features & Working

lm 741 IC Applications

The many circuits are designed by using lm 741 ic. like an active filter, converting current to voltage, converting voltage to current, Ac/Dc converter, Voltage follower, summing amplifier & hold circuit, etc.

  • IC lm 741 Op-Amp is used in based variable audio frequency oscillator
  • It is also used in adjustable Ripple Regulated Power Supplies.
  • It is also used in a based 4-channel audio mixture circuit.
  • This IC Op-Amp-based automatic light-operated switch using a light-dependent resistor
  • It is used a DC volt polarity indicator
  • IC lm741 can be used in an e-room thermometer
  • IC lm741 Op-Amp-based Bug Listening
  • IC lm741 Op-Amp-based Microphone Amplifier.

Characteristics of IC lm 741 Op-Amp

Some important characteristics of 741 IC are given below

  • The Input impedance of this IC is more than 100 kilohms.
  • The low output of fewer than 100 ohms.
  • The frequency range is from 0Hz- 1MHz in amplifiers.
  • Low offset voltage and current are also the important characteristics of this IC.
  • It can gain approximately 2,00,000 volts.

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