How to Install an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

How to Install an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) contains all of the things you need to develop, compile, link, and debug your programs. So firstly we learn how to install it.
Now question raises which Integrated Development Environment (IDE) we should need to install for C programming here we will decide according to our operating system.

Windows machine:

If you are developing on a Windows machine  then you have two choices:
1) If disk space and/or download size are not a constraint, then we recommend Visual Studio  2017. When you run the installer, you’ll eventually come to a screen that asks you what workload you would like to install. Then select “Desktop development with C++”.
The default options  on the right side of the screen should be better, but ensure that the Windows 10 SDK is selected. The Windows 10 SDK can be used on older versions of Windows, so you can run it on  Windows 7 or 8.
Integrated Development Visual Basic 2017 for C programming
2) If disk space is short  then you should install Microsoft’s free Visual Studio Express 2015 for Windows Desktop.
Linux or Windows IDEs
If you are developing on Linux and  want to write programs that you can easily port to Linux), we recommend Code::Blocks. Code::Blocks is a free, open source, cross-platform IDE that will run on both Linux and Windows.
Windows users: make sure to get the version with MinGW bundled.
With Code::Blocks, C++11/C++14 functionality may be disabled by default. You’ll definitely want to check and turn it on. First, go to Settings->Compiler: (as shown in the diagram given below
Select Compiler For C or C++ Programming Codes
Then check the box marked “Have g++ follow…
Code Blocks for C Programming
Note when you installed code: block some errors may accrues as   “Can’t find compiler executable in your configured search paths for GNU GCC Compiler”. If you run into this, try the following:
On Windows, make sure you have  downloaded the version of Code::Blocks WITH MinGW. It is  the one with “mingw” in the name.

  • Try doing a full uninstall, then reinstall.
  • Try going to settings, compiler, and choose “reset to defaults”.
  • Try a different compiler.

Turbo Compiler.
your can also use turbo compiler if you do not want to install visual basic and code::block. Compiler is very easy to install and easy to download and take very less space.
Link for Code block Click hereto download compiler
link for code::block Cick here to download code:block
Mac users can use Xcode if it is available , or Eclipse.  It is not set up to use C++ by default, and you will need to install the optional C++ components.