IR Remote Control on-off Switch Circuit

IR Remote Control on-off Switch Circuit

IR Remote Control circuit for controlling home appliances can be easily made using Decade Counter I.C CD4017 and TSOP1738 (any TSOP can be used) infrared receiver.  This circuit  can easily control your home appliances. Any type of remote can be used to control this circuit like DVD,TV,CD player and so on.

ir remote control circuit

Pins detail of IC,TSOP1838 and Transistors

BC547 transistor points

List of components

  1. I.C (CD4017)
  2. 6 volt Relay
  3. TSOP 1838
  4. Transistor (BC547, Bc556)
  5. 100uf Capacitor
  6. Resistors (1k, 4.7k, 100ohm)
  7. Green LED for on status 
  8. Red LED for Off status

Working of remote control circuit

When firstly, power is applied to I.C 4017(decade counter i.c), output at PIN 3  is HIGH as we press the button of IR remote, then a LOW to HIGH clock pulse is applied to PIN 14 (first clock pulse) and output at pin 0(zero) becomes low and PIN 2 becomes HIGH. PIN 2 triggers the RELAY module, and the AC light becomes ON. Now this position will remain constant until the next clock pulse as we press the Button of IR remote again (second clock pulse), output at Q1 becomes LOW and Q2 becomes HIGH. This will deactivate the Relay and switch off the light. Because Q2 is connected to the RESET pin(pin 15) of 4017, it will reset the I.C and again output at Q 0(zero) becomes HIGH and Q 2 becomes LOW (initial state). So it works like a toggle switch.


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