Relation of Jurisprudence with other social sciences

Relation of Jurisprudence with other social sciences

Jurisprudence means to study law, the law regulates the conduct of individuals and individuals live and form societies. Therefore, the law is an important social phenomenon that makes jurisprudence as a Social Science.
There are many other Social Science like Political Science, EthicsSociology, Psychology, etc.  These social sciences should be interlinked with each other at some point. Moreover, these social sciences could not be studied in isolation. In other words, none of these sciences can be understood by having fair knowledge of others. Jurisprudence, being a social science is, in fact, related to other social sciences.

Relation of Jurisprudence with other social sciences

Jurisprudence and Sociology

Sociology is the study of society, human behavior, and social changes in society. Jurisprudence is the study of law and the legal aspects. Laws are made for society therefore there is an important link between jurisprudence and sociology.

Jurisprudence is a legal rule that actually exists in society. These legal rules are made for the betterment of society. So there is a relationship between jurisprudence and sociology.

Jurisprudence and Psychology

Science of Mind and behavior is called psychology and jurisprudence is the study of law. The main aim of the law is followed by individuals and individuals only follow the rules which intended to follow.

Therefore the intention of peoples is the basic element behind the law. So jurisprudence and psychology are interlinked with each other.

Jurisprudence and Ethics

Ethics is the science of human conduct. In a society, ethics explains an ideal human behavior in light of the suggested course of conduct for the individual. whereas jurisprudence discusses the rules actually exist in society.

So ethics and jurisprudence is interlinked with each other and there in linking is import for the individuals.

Jurisprudence and Economics

Jurisprudence is the science of law and economics is the science of wealth. Economics studies the production and distribution of wealth and law are responsible for giving protections and equal distribution of wealth. It is clear that economic factors are responsible for increasing and decreasing criminal activities. Good economic conditions decrease criminal activities while bad economic conditions increase the criminals’ activities in society. So, there is a close relationship between economics and jurisprudence.

Jurisprudence and Politics

There is a close relationship between politics and jurisprudence. Political science studies the principles responsible for management organization and jurisprudence analyzes those principles.

Jurisprudence and History

History is the scientific indicator of past events and jurisprudence is the study of law. Laws are developed through ages and history helps jurisprudence for making laws for the good of the humans