Light Dimmer Circuit 1000 Watts Using BT139

In this article, we are going to explain 1000W BT139 TRIAC light dimmer circuit by connecting the power line were raised cardiac dimmer circuit triggered 500k can be adjusted by a potentiometer. It is commonly used circuit that is used in fan dimmer also. Fan dimmer that are available in market are very low power but this circuit can control easily 1000W.

Light Dimmer circuit 1000 watts

Some time we required to control the power of incandescent lamps. This simple Light Dimmer Circuit c can control power up to 1000W. This circuit is operates on the phase-control principle. The power-operated components diac and triac are used for controlling the output power with some other electronics parts like resistor, capacitors and potentiometer.

Components Required For Light Dimmer

  • BT136 TRIAC
  • Pot 500k
  • Resistor 3.9k
  • Capacitor 100nF
  • Capacitor 10nF
  • DB3