LM358 IC Pinout, Description, Equivalents & Datasheet

LM358 is an 8pin operational amplifier IC available in different packages. The most commonly used package is the 8pin dip package. This IC is consists of two separate operational amplifiers in a single package. Both internal operational amplifiers are of high gain and can be easily operated from the single or dual power supply. The main feature of this IC is low current consumption that is the way it is more suitable to use with battery operated projects. You can operate it with a wide range of supplies from 3V to 32V DC due to which it can easily be used with low voltage logic devices and microcontrollers.

LM358 IC pin outputs and descreptions

LM358 IC Pin Configuration

The pin configuration of the LM358 IC are as follows

  • Pin-1: A Output of IC  First (A) Section or Operational Amplifier 1
  • Pin-2: Inverting Input of IC  First (A) Section or Operational Amplifier 1
  • Pin-3: Non-Inverting Input of IC  First (A) Section or Operational Amplifier 1
  • Pin-4: Ground / Negative For Both Operational Amplifiers
  • Pin-5: is Inverting Input of IC  Second (B) Section or Operational Amplifier 2
  • Pin-6: Non-Inverting Input of IC  Second (B) Section or Operational Amplifier 2
  • Pin-7: Output of IC  Second (B) Section or Operational Amplifier 2
  • Pin-8: Positive Supply of Both Sections / Operational Amplifiers of IC.

Pins configurations of LM358 ic

LM358 Dual Op-Amp IC features

  • With Singe supply – 3V to 32V
  • With Dual supply – ±1.5V to ±16V
  • The Low Supply current – 700uA
  • Single supply with two op-amps enable reliable operation
  • Enable short circuit protected outputs
  • Operating atmosphere temperature – 0˚C to 70˚C
  • Soldering pin temperature – 260 ˚C for 10 seconds
  • TO-99, CDIP, DSBGA, SOIC, PDIP,  DSBGA are available packages

Some important Applications of LM358

  • Audio Preamplifiers
  • Small Signal Amplification
  • General op-amp circuits
  • Integrator, Summer, Differentiator, adder, Voltage follower and, etc.
  • Digital multimeters, Oscilloscopes
  • Loop control & regulation
  • Sensor Circuits

LDR Sensor Using LM358

In this simple dark sensor circuit. When block light falling on LDR, the LM358 switches on the LED.

LDR sensor circuits using LM358

Precautions for the long life of LM358

For the stable and long life of this IC do not operate with more than 32V DC. Must check connections and make sure the supply in the right polarity, reverse polarity may result in damaging the circuit of the IC. The operating temperature must remain between 0 centigrade to +70 degrees centigrade and do not store the IC in temperature below -65 centigrade and above +150 centigrade.

Simple Amplifier Using LM358 IC


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