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What’s happening this week:

Miracle Wheel until the part of the arrangement

Initiative Positioning augmentation

An Uncommon Holler to Uganda

DS Expo Goals – Kyrgyzstan

Valuable Manuals – OneAcademy/OneForex, Legitimate Courses and CoinSafe – new manual

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The time has come to begin the arrangement for the dispatch of the Trade. For the motivations behind the best possible activity of the stage and its right misuse from every one of the clients, we might want to reveal some insight onto certain points of intrigue.

Pursue the bulletin, the week after week refreshes, data articles, forthcoming trainings, trade news and instructive materials!


The Miracle Wheel has been reached out until the part of the arrangement to extreme interest and intrigued from individuals!

Hold onto your shot and make your turn of the Miracle Wheel until September 30th, 23:59 GMT!

This in vogue advancement offers you the chance to get extra special tokens with your bundles – a 25%, half or 100%. The Tokens will be gotten with the enactment of the bundles you pick!

Take your turn!


Dear clients,

We might want to tell you that the new authority positions’ estimation period has been stretched out and it will be determined for the period 01/08/2019 – 30/09/2019.

To all the genuine pioneers out there – thank you for being a motivation to us all!

‘Administration and learning are essential to one another.’

John F. Kennedy


One more month has passed! We thank every one of you franchisees who has been making our lives muchs increasingly profitable by achieving your undertakings as indicated by the terms and states of OneLife and DealShaker.

This month the most dynamic has been the Thailand and Deutsche Establishment groups. They endorsed the most new vendors and arrangements on the stage. Much obliged to you for your mind boggling order, devotion and confidence! You make us so glad!

The following two weeks yell outs will be given by their groups so we expect their recommendations at by the thirteenth September.

How might we inspire individuals to accomplish more?

As you probably are aware DealShaker is the undertaking everyone is right now keen on. As an option for expanding the estimation of ONE, practicing its ease of use and urging others to join, the stage is an incredible business center point for traders, clients and crypto fans. Here comes our most recent mission – to empower the freshest traders that are profoundly energetic and anxious to make an astounding presentation and accomplish more and furthermore to enable them to wind up well known on the DealShaker stage.

How might you add to the New vendor Holler?

We will anticipate that proposals for new vendors should be promoted or to be given a yell out in the up and coming pamphlets or our Facebook page. The trader can be related with the travel industry, accommodation, nourishment and drink, excellence, wellbeing or any territory you think critical. The dealers must be in a crowded territory or traveler goal everywhere throughout the world.

On the off chance that you have visited or know about any intriguing arrangements and shippers on the DealShaker stage, we will anticipate your recommendations!

Making ONE for the general population, banking the unbanked and obliging networks intend to be the fundamental beliefs of OneLife. This is the thing that we have accepted five years back. This is the thing that despite everything we accept today!

The current week’s yell out is about family, network, love, common sense, sympathy, care and youngsters! We might want to take you to Uganda. This nation has an extraordinary spot in OneLife’s heart since it is a nation which has moved a large number of us.

In this area you won’t read about the troublesome life these individuals have. You won’t read about governments, nor legislative issues, nor weapons. You will find out about ways networks help one another; the manners in which humankind brings up their kids; the reason for giving sustenance, wellbeing and clean water to all!

The DealShaker stage has been an extremely little piece of this procedure. We are regarded and lowered by the manners in which this stage has changed is as yet changing the world right up ’til the present time!

The DealShaker trader JohnK11 speaks to two schools in Kampala, Uganda – Kitande Junior School and Irma Pfeiffer Secondary School. On the stage you will have the option to discover bargains for paying for the educational cost and sustenance expenses for the school paid in 100% ONE for day understudies. The two schools share similar qualities. Their main goal is ‘Raising the up and coming age of Ugandans by seeking after perfection in scholastic and down to earth abilities in direct and virtues, o that every kid turns into a comprehensively dependable and gainful native’.

Muhwezi1958, situated in Kabale in Western Uganda, offers coupons for day and life experience school understudies for Kable Trinity School in 100% ONE. The school is an enrolled day and life experience school enlisted with the Service of training and sports. It was found in 1995. Their central goal is to give all encompassing instruction in a Christian situation.

Reasonableness is profoundly esteemed in Africa so dealer Mugambe01 offers bargains for items utilized day by day, for example, sustenance, espresso, cleanser, infant diapers and clean drinking water. Another shipper ( username: DondoroE) offers electrical merchandise which could be in extraordinary assistance. These incorporate sun powered boards, level irons, haircutting gadgets and sound frameworks. See the arrangements underneath.

In the event that you are in Uganda for relaxation and fun remember to check TAL Houses Lodging. Site: arrangements contain gathering appointments to occasion appointments just as nourishment and pool administrations.

Much thanks to you, to all traders and purchasers, for having faith in ONE, DealShaker and OneLife!


September is the ideal opportunity for а change! energizing, new things are going to come!

OneLife starts a fresh out of the box new activity which expects to teach, engage and illuminate the two shippers and clients regarding the DealShaker stage about huge up and coming expos everywhere throughout the world.

We will require your help, obviously!

On the off chance that you might want to give your hotly anticipated occasion a yell out in the pamphlet, if you don’t mind send us insights regarding the occasion at! Incorporate fascinating realities about:

The expo


Number of dealers (ought to be over 100 shippers)

All that you believe critical to be referenced


The second expo goal we are making a trip to is Kyrgyzstan. The DealShaker expo, there, will happen between the fourth and the sixth of October so you don’t have much time to get arranged and book your tickets.

The occasion will comprise of 3 days:

Day 1: Festival of the National Kyrgyzstan Day

Day 2: Shopping Day

Day 3: Authority Preparing

In the event that you experience issues discovering this little nation on the guide, we can disclose to you it is arranged in Focal Asia. It is between China in the East, Kazakhstan in the North, Uzbekistan in the West and Tajikistan in the South. It is bumpy nation which has been a piece of numerous human advancements including the Silk street. It is populated by more than 6 million individuals. Its capital city is Bishkek. In actuality, the most well known spot in Kyrgyzstan is Lake Issyk Kul, nicknamed ‘ the Pearl of Focal Asia.’ Lake Issyk Kul is the world’s second biggest elevated lake. It’s ringed by snowcapped Tien Shan Mountains. It offers an assortment of water sports and resorts.

Expedite Kyrgyzstan!


A speedy suggestion to all the new dealers and their supporters!

As a token of appreciation for the diligent work and astonishing exertion, OneLife and DealShaker have some uncommon shocks for all the new shippers, first arrangements and their patrons:

another vendor will be allowed 100 tokens for trader profile endorsement

first bargain endorsement will be allowed 100 tokens to the vendor

Increment IN TOKENS

The patron of another trader endorsement on DealShaker will be allowed 500 tokens rather than a 100 as it has been up to this point.

We are anticipating that the new season should bring the most energizing new bargains in the most bold spots!

Stay tuned!



The 3 new franchise countries are:

These Franchise holders have met all the criteria which had been announced. Further details will be released on when your special franchisee training will be held.


Dear all,

As per late refreshes about which regions the Trade stage will work on, DealShaker will require its new establishment delegates for the accompanying nations:

o Montenegro

o Lebanon

o Netherlands

o Slovakia

o Slovenia

In the event that you think you know the ideal possibility for the activity – committed, dedicated and, obviously, coordinating the majority of the establishment criteria, don’t stop for a second to tell them we are looking for new franchisees! All applications ought to be sent to


If you don’t mind get acquainted with the general criteria for the endorsement of new establishment holders.

Special cases will apply if the organization doesn’t get an application from an appropriate up-and-comer who is in full consistence with the necessities recorded underneath:

establishment holder’s present whereabouts are in the zone of the Franchisee’s business action

demonstrated business the executives foundation (clean business foundation – no bankrupt or ruined/in liquidation organization/ies)

demonstrated clean criminal record

demonstrated OLN MLM foundation

no authorizations for infringement of OLN T&C and every single pertinent approach and methods

establishment holder isn’t under consistence observing

demonstrated reputation with an assortment of exercises for the promotion of the ONE Biological system

demonstrated reputation of promoting OLN’s main goal and qualities; preparing clients of how to place them to great use in their group’s regular work

directing business exercises and everyday tasks which are agreeable with neighborhood enactment

being comfortable with explicit DealShaker T&Cs, CDD and AML/CFT arrangements and strategies

be completely mindful that marking the Establishment contract is a major duty and treat his/her new job truly

have an unmistakable idea of how to apply his/her deal system to the particular objective market and its clients

Other criteria identified with coordinations, specialized foundation and comparative experience will be contemplated when taking the choice for the following franchisees.

Ensure you send us the accompanying – username, motivation behind why you think you are an appropriate competitor, CDD of the individual and the organization, extra data if expressly mentioned by corporate.

Selling Shares from DealShaker Franchisee’s companies

If it’s not too much trouble be educated that the DealShaker Franchisee model is Intuitu personae (As a result of the individual). This implies any sells of offers from the DealShaker Franchisee organization by current franchisees are absolutely unsatisfactory and they are NOT endorsed by the parent organization.

Selling shares from the organization that holds the DealShaker establishment, can prompt a quick substitution of the individual, picked by the organization as a franchisee. Such a deal is viewed as a cheat, particularly when the vender misdirects the purchasers that offers from the organization, holding the establishment, are equivalent to purchasing shares from the DealShaker organization itself.

It would be ideal if you be educated that the parent organization awards explicit rights to the establishment holder for the terms expressly written in the agreement, yet those rights can be dropped if a genuine infringement is demonstrated.

We won’t get worn out to rehash and remind: Everybody, if it’s not too much trouble reconsider before tolerating such “strategic agreements” in light of the fact that the organizations that hold the establishment are isolated lawful substances that exist freely from the DealShaker stage.

On the off chance that you have any questions or inquiries, if you don’t mind contact our groups and inquire. Better to be as careful as possible!

Asset focus – All New Establishment Preparing Introductions, Expenses and Methods

Endorsement technique of vendors and Arrangements for DS Expos

DealShaker expo, by definition, is an occasion with in excess of 50 traders. In the event that an occasion has under 50 shippers it is called ‘A neighborhood bazar’.

All DealShaker Expo recommendations go to the Franchisee, first! At that point the franchisee sends the proposition to for endorsement.

On the off chance that there is a dealer with trader account from an alternate nation that the nation the expo is occurring, the Franchisee in charge of arrangements endorsement, contacts the franchisee the vendor is from by means of email for the shipper account and additionally bargains endorsement.

The franchisee in that nation the trader is from must gather the important expenses and survey the arrangements.

In the event that there is no Franchisee in that province the dealer is from, every one of the arrangements must be affirmed by corporate and sent to the Dealshaker support for endorsement.

DealShaker showcasing materials are accessible for the franchisees in the backoffice.


Aiming to ease the process of merchant onboarding DealShaker franchisees will be granted a 3-month gratis period without a turnover fee. Turnover fee will become mandatory commencing October 1st.


Dear all,

As of late, we have seen that a portion of the establishment holders have been offering out to their groups meanings of what precisely enlisted organizations and individual merchants are. Their exertion and solidarity is deserving of profound respect however the issue here is that all definitions must be brought together and affirmed by consistence before being spread among DealShaker clients. Something else, clarifications of those terms that fluctuate could prompt a break of the guideline of equivalent treatment.

To help get out the disarray, here are some fundamental models which you can use in your regular work and train your kin:

– in the event that you are auctioning off your old belongings which don’t need and need any longer – you are a private vender

– in the event that you buy items with the plan to exchange them later – you are maintaining a business and you should be enrolled as a business, according to Amazons’ T&Cs, for instance

In actuality – according to DealShakers’ T&Cs both those classes are characterized as individual merchants.

In the event that you are an entrepreneur with a privately owned business, the arrangements you transfer are run of the mill for your business action and they are kept running as an ordinary occupation, at that point you have to set up a shipper account as an enrolled business.

Dear all,

It has become obvious that as of late traders, taking a shot at different stages have been professing to take a shot at benefit of DealShaker and the OneLife System. It would be ideal if you be educated that no other stage, aside from DealShaker and its franchisees, and no other organization, aside from OneLife (or OneCoin) has the option to work with the DealShaker trademark and the administrations it gives.

Be very mindful of any data you get from different organizations, people or correspondence channels which are not quite the same as the corporate endorsed ones. On the off chance that you have any questions or questions, you can generally contact the OneLife groups to get the most recent data, identified with our ventures.

Dear all,

As of late, it has become obvious that few shippers have begun to direct fake practices outside of the Dealshaker stage which establishes a high danger of cash misfortune to the individuals who take an interest. The arrangements being referred to are about offers of gold, land properties, engine vehicles and different results of high esteem.

A significant number of the previously mentioned arrangements are joined by an enticing proposition by the shipper – the purchaser should move his records to the dealer and pay some portion of the arrangement cost outside of the stage in return of some costly great or administration. Remember that this training is carefully illegal as indicated by the relevant OneLife T&C 18(2).

It would be ideal if you have as a main priority that none of those ventures/bargains are affirmed or bolstered by Corporate. On the off chance that somebody has any data about such extends/bargains kindly don’t spare a moment to illuminate OneLife Consistence asap, so we can take measures to stop those false practices and authorization the transgressor in like manner and with a prompt impact.


General data on how the establishment model capacities

1. DealShaker costs are framed in least 50 % ONE and 50 % EUR (if EUR part is incorporated into the arrangement cost). The Dealer Reward is produced each time a purchaser reclaims/utilizes an arrangement coupon from a vendor, enlisted in your downline. The Trader Reward is created based on the Promoting expense which is applied to the Vendor’s utilized arrangement coupons. The DealShaker Publicizing charge is 25% of the money estimation of the utilized coupon’s cost.

In the event that the shipper isn’t hesitant to pay that 25 % charge from the EUR some portion of the cost, can’t stand to offer such an enormous level of ONE from the arrangement cost and is likewise ready to get the money part in his wallet as well as ledger, he is permitted to utilize the rebate coupon alternative. In the event that the dealer utilizes that alternative, he/she should be educated to compose the accurate cost and % markdown in coins in the title of the arrangement. The cost of the arrangement must be simply in ONEs (with the markdown), while the EUR part ought to be paid outside the stage to the shipper ledger as well as wallet. A mandatory condition – if the arrangement is high in worth it ought to be written in the arrangement portrayal that the EUR part will be given after the agreement understanding has been agreed upon. Purchasers ought to be educated that such arrangements bear a higher hazard in light of the fact that simply the rebate coupon goes through the DealShaker stage and not simply the great/administration. Subsequently, the utilization of installment techniques for the EUR part, for example, wallets or installment cards with a discount approach, is exceptionally suggested.

2. We have seen that franchisee’s understandings have been marked for domains where digital currency as well as their exchange is prohibited by law. To all franchisees – if it’s not too much trouble pursue our week by week refreshes for additional data with respect to the nations which you are in charge of all together not to convey wrong data to vendors about when the coin will be exchanged. We will attempt to consult with such governments, however the result is obscure.

3. Data about DS expos – all expos on the domain of the franchisee should initially be assessed and endorsed by Corporate. For expo demands please send an email to The point – you will be given direction by the organization about whether such an expo is agreeable with nearby enactment, regardless of whether it is permitted or not and how it ought to be composed by neighborhood guidelines and the future organization plans for the region being referred to. The DS expo timetable will be carefully planned by Corporate to ensure that no expos are sorted out on one and a similar date. In the event that that occurs, it can entangle the expo procedure both for expo coordinators and Corporate.

4. The Establishment understanding is close to home and should not be moved to a second party without the earlier composed assent of the Franchisor. The sub-establishment should just be taken with earlier assent by the franchisor. Remember that we will concur with your decision on the off chance that it is to corporate’s greatest advantage. We are expecting your proposition on what the installment for the sub-franchisee ought to be.

5. On the off chance that the franchisee is doing the CDD technique for a vendor and the shipper is by all accounts of high-chance or if the franchisee has any questions or questions, it would be ideal if you contact Consistence asap.

6. Will give you soon manual how to ascertain turnover expense utilizing DealShaker. Groups are moving in the direction of finding a superior arrangement, yet for the time being this will carry out the responsibility.


Refreshed Data:

If you don’t mind be educated that starting at July 8, 2019, the second phase of the Compulsory Markdown Period has started. During this stage 30% of the coins are being discharged. Stage 2 will proceed until October 7, 2019.

You will get all new data appropriately.

Data about the 2017 OFCs:

A large number of you brought up the issue about the change of 2017 OFCs.

As said months back the change was wanted to begin in Spring. In the start of this current month the change of 2017 OFCs has begun, and during this month everybody is accepting 20% of the coins they are qualified for.

We have gotten a few grumblings about the transformation rate. I realize that a considerable lot of you were anticipating an alternate rate, however there is an explanation behind this.

I accept that every one of you will concur that ONE recorded on a trade is the Organization’s MOST significant objective at the time being. All that we have worked for so hard, every one of our endeavors depend on this occasion.

Particularly now, at this phase of our development it is urgent to ensure everything goes smooth and to concentrate on our needs.

There is no space at the cost of the coin to be destabilized. We should figure out how to keep up stable cost of ONE.

The change pace of 2017 OFCs to ONE won’t harm the cost of the coin and won’t influence the liquidity. Right now everybody is accepting precisely the same measure of ONE that they have at first changed over.

!NB Because of various request by our clients, if it’s not too much trouble note that the 2017 OFCs will be changed over at a similar rate as ONE was changed over to OFC.

The Offering is in the alleged Required Markdown Period. Since January eighth members can change over their amassed OFCs into ONEs.

To all members in the OFC Groups Offering – if it’s not too much trouble be educated that you will get data about the up and coming strides of the procedure by means of email!

Helpful data about the OFC Groups Advertising:

What is ONE?

The OneCoin digital money (ONE) is a brought together virtual cash which has been offered solely to the client base of the OneLife System organization. The understanding between AHS LatAm S.A. also, the OneCoin organization is the first of this sort and gives access to the coin to an a lot bigger gathering of individuals universally, outside the OneLife System.

How you can utilize it?

The OneCoin cryptographic money is utilized by a worldwide network, with natural development of in excess of 3,5 million clients, throughout 4 years. Interestingly with most cryptographic forms of money which have not yet been acquainted with the market, ONE is used by shippers through the DealShaker intelligent trade center point and part of the coins have just been circulated, making an advantageous domain for organizations and people willing to utilize a coin for worldwide, moment and minimal effort installments.


For your data

The organization between AHS LatAm S.A. what’s more, OneCoin has banded together so as to make a solid business partnership, constructing a scaffold among corporate and web clients.

On the off chance that you might want to find out about the OFC Groups Offering, the data with respect to the ONE, stay educated about the entire procedure and every one of its points of interest by tapping on the “Go to Page” catch underneath.

On the site of the coin, you can discover vital perusing materials with respect to the offering, data about how to take part and all things required you have to know.

Remain educated and become some portion of the innovation!*

*Special on account of the group of experts behind the OFC Packs Offering for giving all of us the most recent updates!

Go to Site page


Because of the ongoing solicitations by our clients for a revive of the data about how to outwit CoinSafe functionalities, our Help Specialists have arranged a short rule.

The new manual is accessible here:

Back office – >Information Center – >Resources – > IMA Instruments


Here you are able to find the short manuals on how to access all educational courses in OneAcademy including the Legal and OneForex packages.

Find the new handbooks in:

Back office ->Information Center ->Resources -> IMA Tools


Here is some valuable data on the fact that it is so imperative to have a composed contract.

In the 21st century, experts are very much mindful of the long history of arrangement breaking and claims that have occurred surrounding them.

Contracts are significant on the grounds that they plot desires for the two gatherings and secure the two gatherings on the off chance that those desires aren’t met.

Ideally, you’ll never need to take lawful activities dependent on the agreement which means the venture will end in the long run, however to avoid potential risk is consistently the best activity.

Contracts are obligatory as they:

– give evidence of subtleties

– keep misconception from emerging

– give security and genuine feelings of serenity

– fill in as an official record of the understanding

Remember – the two gatherings should keep a duplicate of the agreement as a document for quite a while on the off chance that an issue emerges later on!

THE ONELIFE Idea IS An Obligation Not many CAN Oversee.

Consistence intends to control IMA-s to work the correct way. It endeavors to fix the harms done by terrible practices.

Consistence endeavors to give OneLife System’s IMA-s the opportunity to encounter an imaginative, smart and proficient advancements working in a straightforward situation, without unjustifiable challenge.

Consistence calls for fortifying the participation inside OLN (OneLife System) and demand equivalent regard and rights to every individual from the system.

OneLife will change the world just when unification set to be the unceasing objective, when we improve shared help, solidarity, duty, resistance and regard.
In the OneLife network, all members share the same rights and responsibilities!

Holes IN THE Consistence Information LEAD TO:

Nonsensical dread Consistence is just authorizing office

Conviction equity between OneLife IMA-s doesn’t exist

Presentation of IMA-s to deceitful practice

Intimations produce question which is utilized by some OneLife IMA-s to occupy consideration from their own improper practices and activities

Underestimation of OneLife objective for straightforwardness


Closeout of coins as well as instructive bundles as a venture opportunity (coins; accounts, and so forth.). OneLife isn’t a venture organization and doesn’t offer any speculation openings

Cross enlisting – Rather than helping the system modifies itself, it demolishes it by taking pieces from it

Untrustworthy conduct

Onboarding with fake guarantees

Abuse of intensity by OneLife IMA-s

Spread of inaccurate and deceiving data because of absence of polished methodology, mindfulness as well as voracity


Approvals have turned into the device to react to real infringement from SPAM or/deceitful, beguiling or untrustworthy business lead by any IMA to data fraud, budgetary misrepresentation and counter fear based oppression.

Infringement of the relevant T&C, IMA Understanding, any false, beguiling or untrustworthy business, directed by an IMA may result, at Organization’s circumspection, in at least one of the accompanying remedial measures, with impact from the date of its foundation:

Issuance of a composed cautioning or reprobation;

Requiring the IMA to take prompt restorative measures;

Inconvenience of a fine, which might be retained from the record; €100 for off base individual information or its absence and 250 to €500 punishment for progressively minor infringement and up to 5100 for real infringement;

Loss of rights to at least one extra installments;

Whatever other measure, which the Organization esteems practicable to execute to impartially settle any harm caused mostly or solely by the IMAs arrangement infringement or authoritative rupture;

Suspension of the person’s IMA position for at least one payroll interval;

Automatic wiping out of the culpable IMA position;

Quick expulsion of the IMA’s web page(s) and end of the IMA’s position;

Some other measures expressly permitted inside any arrangement of the General Expressions and Conditions, the present IMA Understanding or permitted by law

The IMA is possibly qualified for a commission in the event that the person in question isn’t infringing upon the General Expressions and Conditions and the IMA Understanding.
Factors that may modify the application of sanctions:
Assents could be changed dependent on alleviating variables or components that may reflect in a more prominent damage,caused by the rupture and in this manner neutralize the guilty party, eventually expanding the punishment.

Instances of exasperate authorizing include:

Various offenses

Break of touchy data, for example, individual information

High volume of individuals or information influenced

High introduction for the Organization

Huge authoritative cost caused

Exercises, hampering the examination, for example, giving of misdirecting and additionally inaccurate data

Activities with a negative effect on others

On the off chance that the infringement is proceeding even after an official cautioning

Components that could relieve authorizing include:

Rupture happened because of endeavoring to support an IMA

Victim(s) that endured no mischief

Wrongdoer willfully conceded the break and coordinated with the examination

Wrongdoer indicated regret and has recuperated harms

Move was made under strain from a person in a place of power

This training empowers the utilization of general rules that lead to reasonable and reliable results.


In order to keep our IMAs’ privacy and at the same time to implement efficient control and reporting system we have developed a reporting system allowing reporting and monitoring functions without exposing the identity of the person that has sent the report and creating unnecessary tension in the community.

Whistleblowers inform the Company of any kind of information or activity that can be deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct with the polices, procedures and guidelines of the OneLife organization.


If you think an entity or individual is involved in wrongdoing within our OneLife community, and you want to report it, please use the Whistle Blowing Report. Once completed, this report becomes CONFIDENTIAL. All personal data collected will only be used for purposes, which are directly related to the whistleblowing case like, for example, contacting you in case we need more information.

Every whistleblower will have to provide an evidence of the claim made in the report. Please send your Whistle Blowing Report to:

Evidences could be: screen shots of skype/viber/facebook/other social media chats and communications; e-mail correspondence; a declaration in writing, i.e. Whistle Blowing Report, (please fill in your personal data) and signed by the IMA.

Please fill in the Whistle Blowing Report carefully as this represents your case . We will review the information you provided, investigate the case and come back to you with feedback, when our investigation is completed.

We would like to remind all OneLife members to strictly adhere to the provisions in our Terms and Conditions, to which all members are legally bound, concerning the dissemination of false information regarding the OneLife Network company.

Any proven violation including, but not limited to misleading information about an IMA official Leadership Rank, OneLife products and services or the company’s compensation plan may result in severe sanctions, reaching fines up to 5 100 EUR, effective immediately.

As a network marketing company, we manage to provide opportunities each day by channeling the power of collective effort. We encourage all IMAs to take individual responsibility for the stable and successful growth of the Network in 2018.

Thank you all for your efforts!


New corporate presentations and articles are available!

The materials were put together aiming to support all leaders and their teams during their daily work.

Find the latest presentations by logging in ->Information center ->Resources ->PRODUCT AND BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS or simply click on the LINK.

Check out the latest DealShaker Presentation HERE
You can find the latest information articles ‘Coin for the merchants’ HERE and updates regarding the Centralised blockchain HERE

We also recommend:

The links to the presentations are listed below for your convenience:

– New OneLife Business Presentation
– DealShaker Merchant Help Center
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