Simple Circuits Videos Using 555 IC

Timer ic 555 was first introduced by signet corporation in early 1971 Named SE555/NE555. It is a  stable and user friendly IC in affordably price. It is used in application such as mono-stable and bi stable.

Here is lists of some videos by using timer ic 555. This ic can be used i variety of ways with other ic. Some practical videos are as follows.

  1. Flashing Police Lights Circuit    (very amazing circuit)
  2. Police Light Circuit
  3. Bic Flasher using 555 ic
  4. 3 simple projects with 55 ic
  5. Tuch ON OFF circuit
  6. Flip Flop with Timer ic 555
  7. Flop Flop circuit on PCB
  8. Astable multivibrator
  9. 4 super projects