Water Detection Alarm Device

water detection alarm device

water detection alarm device

This diagram shows a device used for water detection, when the probes come in contact with water, the alarm sounds. It consists of only 5 components that are easily available in the market.The IC CD4047 is CMOS-based, so pay attention to the static while installing it. Probes can be any two metal surfaces. It is best to install the screws on the edges of the PCB board, this way you get a rack that holds the entire device above water and you can use any two screws as probes. Setting the alarm is to touch the probes by hand or place the probes of the device in the water and adjust the P1 potentiometer until you  get a satisfactory sound from the piezo speaker.

Components Detail for Water Detection Alarm Device

  • CD 4047 IC
  • Resistor 2M (1)
  • Resistor 10k (potentiometer)
  • Capacitor 0.015uf (1)
  • Pizo (1)
  • 9 volts battery
  • Battery Cap
  • 2 pieces of copper wire as sensor

CD4047 Pin Description4047 IC pins Out

As mentioned earlier there are 14 pins on the IC interface with every pin is used with a specific purpose. The given below table shows the pin description of each pin.It is a CMOS very Low Power mono stable/stable multi-vibrator mainly used for converting DC current signal to AC signal.(Water Detection Alarm Device)



Pin description 

Pin#Pin NamePin Description
Connected to an external capacitor
Connected to an external resistor
R-C Common
Common pin for establishing a connection with resistor and capacitor
4A stable’Must be kept low when used in a-stable mode
5A stableMust be kept high when used in a stable mode
6-TriggerHigh to Low transition will be given to this pin when used in Mono-stable mode
7VssGround Pin
8+TriggerLow to high transition will be given to this pin when used in Mono-stable mode
9EXT ResetExternal reset triggers when a high pulse is provided to this pin, resetting the output Q to low and Q’ to high
10QGenerates high output
11Q’It is an inverse output of pin 10, producing a low output
12Re-triggerThis pin is used in Mono-stable mode for simultaneously re-triggering +trigger and –trigger pin
13Osc Out
Generate oscillated output
14VddVoltage supply pin

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