What is Capacitor its Types,& Pin Detail

What is Capacitor its Types,& Pin Detail

A capacitor is an electronic component distinguish by its capacity to store an electric charge. A capacitor is a passive electrical part which can store energy in the electric field between a pair of conductors (it is called “plates”).

In simple words, we can call that a capacitor is a tool used to store and release electricity, generally as the result of a chemical action. Also referred to as a storage cell, a secondary cell, an accumulator or a condenser. A Leyden Jar was an mainly example.Pin Detail of capacitor.


Types of Capacitors

There are many types of capacitors for different applications and functions. These are the Main and Most Common Types:

  • Ceramic Capacitors

These are non-polarized capacitors manufactured out of two or more alternating coat of metal and ceramic. The ceramic works as the dielectric and the metal works as the plate/wire.

This Capacitors are also called “Disc Capacitors.”

A code of 3 Digit is usually written on the frame of this kind of capacitors to tell their capacitance in pico-farads. The first two digits rapresent value of the capacitor and the third digit represents the number of zeros to be added.

What is Capacitor its Types,& Pin Detail

  •  Electrolytic Capacitor

These kind of capacitors are usually used where large capacitance is required. Anode of electrolytic capacitors is manufacture of metal and is covered with an oxidized layer used as dielectric. The other electrode can be either wet non-solid or solid electrolyte.

Electrolytic capacitors are polarized. This means that correct polarity must be used when supplying DC voltage to it. In simple words Negative lead of the capacitor must be connected with negative terminal and positive lead to connected with positive terminal.

These capacitors are grouped into given 3 Types:

  • Aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
  • Tantalum electrolytic capacitors.
  • Niobium electrolytic capacitors.


These are most common kind of capacitor used in electronics.

Film capacitors are non-polarized. Here an insulating plastic film works as the dielectric. Electrodes of these kinds of capacitors can be aluminum or zinc reactive. They are applied on one or both edges of the plastic film therefore forming a metallized film capacitor. Sometimes a separate metallic foil is used over the film so forming a film or fo capacitor.

Film capacitors are obtainable in different forms and sizes and offer several benefits over paper kind capacitors. They are highly reliable, have long life and have less tolerances. They also work as well in high temperature environment.

What is Capacitor its Types,& Pin Detail

  •  Variable Capacitor

These are non-polarized variable capacitance kind of capacitors. They have operating and stable plates to determine the capacitance.  They are usually used in Radios,Transmitters Transistor and Receivers etc.

  • These capacitors are grouped as:

  • Tuning capacitors:
  • Trimmer capacitors:

What is Capacitor its Types,& Pin Detail