KSA1220 PNP Transistor Amplifier

KSA1220 Transistor, Features, Uses, pinout

August 8, 2022 admin 0

The KSA1220A transistor is a PNP from ON Semiconductors. It is a PNP Power amplifier transistor which is commonly used for high frequency amplification and Audio frequency (AF) amplification. It is commonly used in Class B Amplifier circuits or projects. {Read More}

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KSA992 Transistor

KSA992 Transistor Pinout, Features and uses

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In this article we are going to explain KSA992 transistor pinout, equivalents, uses, specs and other important and useful information about this high gain and low noise transistor. The Transistor  is a high gain and low noise PNP transistor availabe {Read More}

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Digital Experience Monitoring

Difference Between DEM and RUM

July 26, 2022 admin 0

Difference Between DEM and RUM: In the 21st century, all businesses are becoming more and more digital to provide better services to customers. Businesses do this to provide more satisfaction to customers, which also goes beyond simply selling the products. {Read More}

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Augmenting Robots

What Are Augmenting Robots

July 21, 2022 admin 0

Remember Alita Battle Angle? There are people who are enhanced with the use of machines ( robots). Likewise, there are many Hollywood movies that focus on the cybernetic arms or limbs that enhance or replace the abilities of human beings. {Read More}

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Different Types of Inout Devices

Different Types of Input Devices and functions

July 18, 2022 admin 0

In this article we are going explain Different Types of Input Devices. An input device is a special type of peripheral device that allows making communication along with processing unit of the computer system. Computer’s input devices are mostly to be {Read More}

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Top Electronics Projects ideas

Top Electronics Projects Ideas for Engineering

July 17, 2022 admin 0

In this article we are going to explaing Top Electronics Projects Ideas. Exploration and innovation is critical in engineering world and it demands the highest level of creativity in this modern age. Engineering projects are given to electrical and electronics {Read More}

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Different types of display screens

Different Types of Display Screens

July 17, 2022 admin 0

In this article we are going to explain different types of display screens. Display screen means the display portion of a monitor. Most display screens work under the same principle as a TV, using a cathode ray tube (CRT). Inconsequently, {Read More}

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different types of hard drives

Different Types of Hard Disk Drives &Detail

July 16, 2022 admin 0

In this article, we are going to explain Different Types of Hard disks. Hard Disk is also called a “Hard Disk Drive” This is a non-volatile memory hardware device. Hard disk work is to retrieve and store computer data enduringly. {Read More}

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LiFi data communicaiton system

LiFi Data Transfer System, WiFi vs LiFi

July 14, 2022 admin 0

LiFi Data Transfer System: Visible Light Communications system transmitting wireless internet communications is a visible light communication system that transmit data at very high speeds. This technology makes a LED light bulb transmit pulses of light that are unseeable by {Read More}

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