Touch Switch Circuit Using Timer IC 555

Touch switch circuit

In this simple Touch Switch circuit we have used timer IC 555 operated as ON and OFF.  By using this circuit you can turn ON and OFF a device by simply touching the Touch Plates or metal used as sensor. If the touch plates are placed at a convenient place, we do not require to […]

Touch switch circuit using Transistor

touch switch circuit

There is a list of touch switch circuits some are complicated and some are very simple. In this article we are going to build some simple touch switch circuits. We will use  basic components( transistor  and popular IC like 555 timer, 4011 CMOS, flip-flop IC). We can control our scandery circuits by using these touch […]

Wireless Power Transfer Circuit With Its Working

Wireless Power Transmission

  In this modern age, electricity is one  one of the basic requirements to human in all over the world. Production of making electricity is risky for the environment. Energy information records clear that the 50% of all electricity plants are running with coal and due to that Various changes in the environment have happened […]

Simple 100W inverter circuit

An Inverter is a small circuit that converts the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The power of a battery is converted into main voltages or AC voltage. We can use AC power for electronic appliances like television, mobile phones, computer etc. The basic function of an inverter is to convert DC to AC. […]

IC 4440 Amplifier Circuit

In this project we are going to built a simple IC 4440 amplifier circuit but the output is very nice and very high. It is 12 volts audio amplifier using is LM4440 IC 19 Watts amplifier. We have designed it without PCB and used few capacitors with it. we can use it in car audio […]

LM386 Audio Amplifier Circuit

Amplifier Using LM386

In this article we are going to show you a simple LM386 audio amplifier circuit. Circuit diagram of the LM386 based audio amplifier is shown in the given below diagram and animated picture. It is built by using popular amplifier LM386 (IC). We have used 8-ohm speaker, one-watt speaker, four electrolyte capacitors. We have used […]

How to Build a Latch Circuit with Transistors

Transistor Latch Circuit

Latch is logic circuit of electronics which has two stable states. A latch is a device similar to a transistors. It has 3 terminals which function like a transistor base, collector, and emitter. In transistor when current is fed to base the sufficient current flows from emitter to collector as long as base feeding but […]