IRF3205 MOSFET Pinout,Its Features & Application


The IRF3205 is N-Channel MOSFET that can switch high currents upto 110A & 55V. It is mostly used for dynamic dv/dt rating and consumer full bridge projects. The specialty of the IRF3205  that it has very low on resistance of only 8.0 mΩ make it suitable for switching circuits like  DC-DC converter, motor speed control & Inverters etc. It is also one of the easily available & cheap MOSFET with a low on resistance. In this article, I am going to cover each and everything related to this MOS FIT transistor, its main features, pinout, working, and applications. Pin configuration of IRF 3205 MosFET are given in the diagram.

Pin Configuration of IRF3205



IRF3205 Pinout
Pin# Name Symbol Type Function
1 Gate G P-Type Controls the current between Drain and Source
2 Drain D N-Type Electrons Emitter(Drain)
3 Source S N-Type Electrons Collector(Source)

IRF3205 Pinout consists of 3 Pins in total.These pins, along with their name and type are given in below table. Electrons flow from drain to source terminal. The output current depends on the voltage applied to the gate terminal.

Features of IRF3205

  • Available in To-220 package
  • Advanced Process Technology
  • Low On-Resistance of 8.0 mΩ
  • Minimum Gate threshold voltage 2V
  • Rise time is 101ns
  • This Transistor is commonly used with Power Switching circuits
  • Continuous Drain Current (ID) is 110A when VGS is 10V
  • N-Channel Power MOSFET
  • Drain to Source Breakdown Voltage: 55V
  • Gate-Source Voltage is (VGS) is ±20V
  • 175 °C Operating Temperature

Structure of IRF3205 MOSFET

The source and drain of transistor are made up of n-type material while component body and the substrate is made up of p-type material. Silicon dioxide on the substrate layer gives this device a metal oxide semiconductor construction. MOSFET3205 is unipolar conduction is carried out by the movement of electrons. Gate is separated from the body of device by using Insulating layer.  It is N-channel that is way it is controlled by gate terminal by providing positive voltages.

IRF3205 Replacement and Equivalent transistors

You can replace IRF3205 with IRF1405, IRF1405Z, IRF1407, IRF1607, IRF2805, IRF2907Z, IRF3205Z, IRF3305, IRF3808,IRFB3207Z, IRFB3207ZG, IRFB3256, IRFB3306, IRFB3306G, IRFB3307, IRFB3307Z, IRFB4110, IRFB4110G, IRFB4310, IRFB4310G, IRFB4310Z, IRFB4310ZGIRFB3006, IRFB3006G, IRFB3077, IRFB3077G, IRFB3206, IRFB3206G, IRFB3207.

Applications of IRF3205 MOSFET Transistor

  • Speed control
  • Choppers
  • Boost converters
  • Fast Switching Applications
  • Solar inverters
  • Industrial & Commercial applications
  • Full-Bridge
  • Push-Pull

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