4v To 220v AC inverter

In mini electronic projects, conversion of DC voltage to AC voltage is very interesting and common problem. In mostly circuits, we observe that almost all design of circuit takes the AC input and gives DC output. But, as we want to change the circuit from DC to AC then a DC to AC converter circuit is used. The converter/inverter is required for this purpose. So, to convert the DC to AC converter circuit is used.

In this mini electronics project i am going to make a very simple but very very interesting circuit. This circuit is 4 volts DC to 220 volts AC.  I have used very simple and scraped components to build this circuit. These components are founds in mobile charger and also in CFL circuit.

Circuit Diagram 

Components Required

  • Transformer from old mobile charger circuit
  • 10 to 110 ohm resistor
  • 13005 or equivalent Transistor
  • 4.5uf capacitor from old CFL circuit
  • 4 volts batteries
  • some Piece of Wires

MJE 13005 Transistor Points13005 Transistors

Transformer ( From mobile phone charger or equivalent)

In this circuit we can use mobile phone charger transformer. Keep in mind all mobile phone charger circuit have different structure of transformer. So you must check the transformer structure before using it in this mini 4 to 220v inverter.

Mobile charger transformer

Measurement of This type of this transformer

you can measure this transformer by using multi meter. We must have to use maximum ohm coil of transformer for output.

If Does not Work through These connection then just make little change. Resistor connection replace with point no 6 to point no 5. Jumper of + change from point no 5 to 6. Circuit diagram is given below.

Alternate Circuit Diagram

4v to 220v AC inverter

Note: Because its is developed transformer for mobile charger so its is very low power transformer. You can make your own transformer for more better result of this inverter.  because its very short with few components power inverter that is transistor may heat. So use heat sink with transistor.

For Full Detail Project Watch This video

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