Augmenting Robots

What Are Augmenting Robots

July 21, 2022 admin 0

Remember Alita Battle Angle? There are people who are enhanced with the use of machines ( robots). Likewise, there are many Hollywood movies that focus on the cybernetic arms or limbs that enhance or replace the abilities of human beings. {Read More}

Walkie Talkie using NRF24L01 and arduino

Walkie Talkie using NRF24L01 and arduino

October 3, 2020 admin 0

Walkie Talkie using NRF24L01: Nowadays we are living in the area of 4G and 5G. Almost all devices enabled 4G or 5G. However, old technologies like walkie-talkie and RF communication are still using. In this modern age, Arduino based walkie-talkie {Read More}