Low Power Audio Amplifier Using IC LM 386

Low Power Audio Amplifier Using IC LM 386

August 1, 2020 admin 0

There is a multitude of low power Audio Amplifier Using IC (integrated circuits). I will show some quite common, easy to make and generally low cost. Most of these amplifiers are used by televisions, test and measurement equipment, old modems, etc. Audio {Read More}

IC 4440 Amplifier Circuit

May 30, 2019 admin 0

In this project we are going to built a simple IC 4440 amplifier circuit but the output is very nice and very high. It is 12 volts audio amplifier using is LM4440 IC 19 Watts amplifier. We have designed it {Read More}

Amplifier Using LM386

LM386 Audio Amplifier Circuit

May 27, 2019 admin 0

In this article we are going to show you a simple LM386 audio amplifier circuit. Circuit diagram of the LM386 audio amplifier is shown in the given below diagram and animated picture. It is built by using popular amplifier LM386 {Read More}

Class A power amplifier circuit

Two Transistor Amplifier

May 25, 2019 admin 0

For most systems single transistor amplifier does not provide sufficient gain or output impedance matching. The solution is only to combine multiple stages of amplification. In this amplifier circuit we are going to shows a simple two transistor amplifier. In {Read More}

Single Transistor Amplifier

Single Transistor Amplifier Circuit

May 23, 2019 admin 0

An audio amplifier is a device that multiplies an applied input signal amplitude to a level that may be much higher than the input signal. The input is given in the form of audio or music. The amplifiers are classified {Read More}