Hypertext Markup Language

What is HTML? Hypertext Markup Language

September 11, 2022 admin 0

HTML is an abbreviation of the Hypertext Markup Language and CSS  is an abbreviation of Cascading Style Sheets. These both are core technologies for building Web pages. HTML provides the structure of the web page and CSS provides the styles {Read More}

Digital Experience Monitoring

Difference Between DEM and RUM

July 26, 2022 admin 0

Difference Between DEM and RUM: In the 21st century, all businesses are becoming more and more digital to provide better services to customers. Businesses do this to provide more satisfaction to customers, which also goes beyond simply selling the products. {Read More}

Different types of display screens

Different Types of Display Screens

July 17, 2022 admin 0

In this article we are going to explain different types of display screens. Display screen means the display portion of a monitor. Most display screens work under the same principle as a TV, using a cathode ray tube (CRT). Inconsequently, {Read More}

Key Concepts of Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics Basic Concepts

October 6, 2020 admin 0

This article is about Computer Graphics Basic Concepts. Computer graphics/CG are any drawing/image/media, usually movies and pictures that are created on the computer screen through the use of hardware and software. Computer graphics are often referred to as computer-generated anything. {Read More}

Spy dialer

Spy Dialer: Free Reverse Phone Lookup

April 21, 2020 admin 0

Spy Dialer is a free lookup website to find information about, people, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses. Usually, these types of services are not free; they charge some amount or offer a diluted version. It is a free reverse phone {Read More}

What is Java

What is Java programming and why is it important?

March 31, 2020 admin 0

Java programming is a general-purpose high-level programming language and computing platform released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Almost all applications and websites work with java in the current time, and more are created day by day by using this technology. {Read More}

objects oriented programmings

OOPs concepts in Java

March 15, 2020 admin 0

Object Oriented Programming System is based on the concept of “objects” that contains data and methods. The primary and important purpose of OOPs is to increase the flexibility and maintainability of programs. Data and its behavior (methods) come together in {Read More}

artifical intellengence

how artificial intelligence works:

March 9, 2020 admin 0

In this article, we are going to explain how artificial intelligence works: Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide range branch of computer science to build smart machines capable of performing tasks like a human. It is an interdisciplinary branch of {Read More}