Immediate Possession

  1. Direct possession is also called Immediate possession.
  2. If the possessor has possession of the things himself it is called immediate possession or direct possession.
  3. When anybody purchases a book from the bookshop personally and has it with himself, it is immediate possession or direct possession.
  4. If anybody has a house and resides in it. It is in my direct possession.
  5. (a) The pledge has direct possession of the thing pledged. (b) I ride my car. It is direct or immediate possession.

differences between Immediate Possession and Mediate Possession

Mediate Possession

  1. Indirect possession is also called Mediate possession.
  2. A thing that is possessed through the intervention of some other person is called mediate possession or indirect possession.
  3. Anybody purchases a book for you. His possession is mediated until he delivers it to you.
  4. When anybody left his hose for you. You are bound to hand over the house when demanded. You have immediate possession of that house.
  5. I send a person in my car to purchase a computer. I have mediated possession of my car. My servant has immediate possession of the car.

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