Highlighting hair your own at home can save you money and time, but Actually, we do not trust anybody who gives suggestions or tell us tips for highlighting hair at home. We always try to find expert advice to solve this problem.  In this article, we are going to suggest some important tips recommended by the expert to highlight your hair at home very easily.

Choose the correct product

As attractive as it might be to reach for a regular hair dye in the highlight shade. It’s important to look for an instrument specifically made for highlighting. Continually hair dye won’t have the power you need to lighten, mostly if you have naturally dark hair. If you have naturally dark light-colored hair or lighter, you can bring off a bleach-free highlight gadget. If you are starting with anything darker, you will need bleach to get enough lift.

Don’t skip the strand test

That’s why every at-home hair color requirement suggests you start with a strand test. It is very difficult but very important. Following the instructions of the kit, you must rest your head at the tested time. For more highlights use bleach for more than 5 minutes. You should not repeat the steps more than two times.

Throw away the plastic cap

The sun does not tint hair in absolutely spaced-out components, and that’s the look using a cap will give you. “Plus, the bleaching cream may seep underneath the cap, fake a splotchy disorder,” says White. While you are at it, get rid of the thin plastic spatula that routinely comes with cap tolls. Those wimpy kits would not saturate the entire edge of each strand, so you will end up with AN rough look.

Use the tools of the pros

O’Connor advises using aluminum foil to highlight your hair. “The only differentiation in the middle of tinfoil and the foils you see the pros using is that the in-salon ones are commonly pre-cut, manufacturing the colorist’s work much instant”. Actually, Reynold’s Wrap makes professional foils that are sold at beauty bestow stores.

However, be alert if you are using foils at home: “It is also a hotness conductor, so when you wrap hair in a foil, it lightens quickly.” And if you do not have the approach to those fancy brushes salons use, White suggested a toothbrush or paintbrush. The bristles will pick up just the right quantity of dye and will unroll it easily (and not too perfectly) onto each part during the request.

Streak the right way

Part your hair as you usually do, so that you can plainly see which strands are face-framing (a side-partner will highlight more adversely than a center-partner). Then, follow these steps:

  • On dry hair
  • Paint the mixture into one-inch portions in the front
  • Keeping the cream about a few centimeters from the scalp