Infinity mirror projects at home

infinity mirror

Infinity mirror projects are the greatest and easiest optical illusions to create through some types of mirrors. We are going to use three simple things to create a great project. These things are two mirrors and LEDs. As these are combined they create the illusion that the lights are trailing off to infinity. You can change its effects in warty of ways as you want to decorate.

Most commonly we use glass two-way mirrors and a standard mirror to create the effect. People are making infinity mirrors to decorate their tables their windows their whole walls and many more. In this infinity mirrors project, we are going to make an infinity mirror in a simple homemade frame with an electrical wiring strip. A strip of LEDs is using for light and two mirrors.

Things needed for Infinity mirror projects

  • Glass Two Way Mirror (or another semi-transparent mirror)
  • Standard Mirror
  • Lights to put in-between (LED light)
  • A simple frame to hold the mirrors in a pacific place.


infinity mirror projectsA two-way mirror refers to glass that reflects on one side and clears on the other. This type of mirror allowing persons on one side to see through while people on the other see a reflection of themselves. Most people say it a two-way mirror/two-way glass or windows dark color glass.

Stranded Mirror

Infinity mirror projects A stranded mirror is a mirror that is used in our daily life to see your face etc. In the infinity mirror effect stranded mirror is used along with a one-way mirror. One way mirror mostly used in windows and doors.

The LED strip used in an Infinity mirror

Infinity mirrorThe 3rd thing which is used in the infinity mirror is the LED strip. LED strip or simple led can be used in this project. Anyhow to make this project beautiful and effective you should be used colored LEDs strip.

Step1 Make a frame for Infinity Mirror

infinity mirror frame

Step2 attach LED strip inside the frame for infinity mirror

infinity mirror

Step3 Attach Stranded mirrors on a Side of Frame

infinity mirror project

Step4 Place One-sided mirror on another side of the frame

infinity mirror

Mirror effect can be changed by changing gapes between mirrors

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use two standard mirrors instead of two-way glass?
No Two standard mirrors(glass) can not create the infinity effect. The two-way glass allows just the right transparency and reflection to produce an infinity. Mirrors are many types you can use any other type of mirrors to create infinity.

Can I use a regular frame for my infinity mirror?
Yes you can use a regular frame or you can use it without the frame but a gape between mirrors is necessary. The LED strip should remain between mirrors.

Does the size of my project matter?
No size of the project does not matter but the gap between mirrors will affect the infinity. You can make a small functional mirror as well as a large gaming table.

Example Projects of infinity mirror

infinity mirror