operators and expressions in c

operators and expressions in c language The sign that are used to complete  logical & mathematical operations in c programs are called operators.consider the expression A+B*10 inside +,*. are operators, A,B are  variables, and 10 is constant. and A+B*10 is an expression.There are different types of operators in c which are below. Types of operators […]

introduction of c language

C Language C is a high programming language, used in common  purpose programming, developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT&T Bell laboratory in USA in 1969 and 1973.It was mainly developed as a system programming language  to write operating system. Like syntax of Java php, JavaScript and many other Languages  is commonly based on c language.C was invented […]

What is loop in c programming language

Loop in C programming some time we need a statement to repeat again and again. In general, statements are executed sequentially. The first statement in a function is executed first and second statement is executes after 1st and and so on. Programming languages provide various structures that allow for more complicated execution paths. C programming […]

5LEDs Chaser Using Transistors

5 LED chaser with transistors

This simple 5-channel LED chaser using transistors can be used in any application requiring LED light effects. This circuit is build by using npn transistors, capacitors and resistors. 5 LEDs are blinking as shown in this video gif . you can connect more LEDs as this sequence by adding some more transistors.   Step By […]

Flip Flop with timer IC 555 working features pic discreption

flop flop with timer ic 555

In this project i am going to show A very useful and beautiful flip flop circuit 555. The circuit is able to blink 8 super bright blue and Reds LED’s. The circuit is build around a famous 555 timer IC which is wired as an a-stable multi vibrator here. The LED’s are classified in two […]

Simple Clap On off switch using 4017 IC

Clap On off switch with 4017 IC and BC547 Transistor This is the circuit of a very sensitive clap switch. It switches ON/OFF a White LED or electrical appliances through claps. The circuit can sense the sound of claps from a distance of 1-3 meters. Condenser Mic picks up sound vibrations c by the clap. […]

Flip Flop circuit using Transistors

Flop Flop Using Transistor

This D Flip Flop circuit using Transistors is a classic commonly used flip flop circuit. This flasher circuit is very popular and it is usually the first circuit for building when starting electronic circuit. The circuit diagram is given below. In this project we examine one of the most valuable circuits  the flip flop. Originally it […]