Thrilling Announcement About Onecoin Exchange

announcement about onecoin
Announcement About OneCoin

Announcement About Onecoin Exchange


In connection with the 9-month business strategy we recently informed you, the One-life team has prepared a useful and easy manual on Coin-safe features.

It is important that all ONE users are well informed about what is coming.

Please note that 2 months after switching on the exchange, the Coin-safe feature will no longer be available to new users.

Coin-safe was an option that was provided by the Company to its users several years ago.

But today, times are changing for the better, and the company’s strategy must also adapt.

For example, it is time for Coin-safe to cease operations and retire in order not to risk interfering with the monetary deficit strategy.

Please keep in mind that once the exchange is operational, you will have two months to use the Coin-safe feature.

Message from the Onecoin Co. :

All about Coin-safe and how to get the most out of it.

Due to recent requests from our users for a refresh of information on how to get the best information on Coin-safe, our support experts have prepared a succinct guide.

Coin-safe is a product specially designed to give users a chance to earn interest on the balance of their coins.

NB to users. Please be informed: NO CORNER will ever be debited from your OneCoin account and deposited into Coin-safe if you have never created a Coin-safe account.

All features and features of Coin-safe apply ONLY AFTER the actual creation of a Coin-safe account.

Create or not create, that’s the question. And each user must answer it by himself and according to his needs.

However, if you have any doubts about how it works or if you need further explanation on how to set your Coin-safe account preferences, we strongly advise you to contact us. we recommend that you first consult our customer service analysts.

The most common questions related to Coin-safe are answered

Q: Do I need to create a Coin-safe account?

A: Each OLN member decides whether to create a Coin-safe account. Having a Coin-safe as a user is not a mandatory requirement – it’s up to you.

Q: If I do not want to put my ONE in Coin-safe, what should I do?

A: If you do not want your coins to be deposited in Coin-safe, you do not have to do anything. Your coins will be sent to Coin-safe ONLY AFTER you have created one manually.

Q: When I go into my back-office and click on Coin-safe, I see that there is a box called ‘Auto-saving’ and it is always marked with a tick. Does this mean that my coins will be automatically saved in Coin-safe?

A: Parts can be saved if there is an active / existing Coin-safe only. The checkbox “Auto Backup”, which appears on the Home screen of the Coin-safe window, is displayed as default. The coachman or the unchecked will never influence him.

Q: When I go to My Accounts -> Coin-safe, there is a field to enter my transaction password – why should I do that?

A: On the Home screen of the Coin-safe section (My Accounts -> Coin-safe), there is a CREATE title.


If a member wants to create a new Coin-safe account, here’s how it works:

First of all, the user must choose the desired period of interest, decide whether to activate or deactivate the automatic function and whether the account he is about to create should be Sharia-compliant or not.

It is only after the completion of these steps that the user is sure that he/she:

1 / wants to deposit coins in Coin-safe;

2 / the correct period of interest is fixed;

3 / Auto registration and Sharia compliance preferences are also set correctly.

Finally, there is one last step to confirm this decision. By entering the transaction password and clicking on the green ‘Send’ button, the member declares that he/she wants to have a Coin-safe account and he/she would like to keep the coins deposited there for the period of time chosen.

We hope you find this manual useful! If you wish to know more, simply send an email to the following address: s

Best regards,