What is a cryptocurrency and OneCoin

What Is Cryptocurrency

OneCoin Limited is a world wide company with key markets in  Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa. For global operations, the company has opened his offices in Europe, Hong Kong and the UAE. Its commitment to growth has led to fast expansion due to its vision, management team, innovative business concept and business strategy.  It has launched, OneCoin has created a community of millions of miners.

Acquiring an educational package, each client, student or parents gets access to a relative subject of study and the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge in financial markets, cryptocurrency. The educational packages are created in partnership with university’s professors and presented through the One Academy platform.

A globally  financial services, OneCoin helps its clients to make payments easily and fastly by providing education and simplifying crypt-o-currency. You dont need to have server for  OneCoins or a bank account you can simply deal with OneCoin by using internet. You only need a OneCoin account to operate it operations.

OneCoin provides perefect access easily, fastely, safely and low cost financial services. OneCoin transfer in a minute from any part of the world. Most important – mining the coin, transferring money and making payments with OneCoin is perfectly safe.

What happens when I join OneCoin?

When any one open OneCoin account a verification e-mail is sent to clicnt. Company also automatically create an e-wallet for respected client. Company offers different services, we allow people to join and see for themselves how our OneCoin business works. However it does not grant access to all products and services. If a client wants full access to all OneCoin’s offers, then she/he will have to go through a KYC application process.

How does it work?

OneCoin cryptocurrency can be used to create an account at OneCoin. This happens by invitation from another client you become a part of OneLife Network global community. You are supported by our education platform via OneAcademy and company provides all kind of informations.

You just need to decide what type of business you want and when creating an account at OneCoin – to benefit from our learning platform.  You can also make payments and transfer money from any part of the world fast, easy and safely just aftar getting OneCoin.

What is blockchain?What is Blockchain

Blockchain is a digital technology for recording and verifying transactions. It is a key concept behind innovations related to cryptocurrencies in general, and OneCoin in particular.

The blockchain was first introduced as an alternative mechanism for the trust between two parties that make transactions that differentiated it from the way traditional institutions like banks or escrow agents processed payments.

Most recently the blockchain is considered a powerful tool that can provide new products and services, and improve traditional ones. The number of financial institutions and firms across industries that are using the distributed ledger technology as a secure and transparent way to digitally track the ownership of assets is constantly increasing. This is a move that helps companies to speed up transactions and cut cross border remittances while lowering the risk of fraud.

What is a cryptocurrency?

Like fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies function as a source of exchange. Because it is based on cryptography, cryptocurrency is difficult to counterfeit. Cryptography protocols are used to make transactions with safe and to control the process of coin creation.

What is One Ecosystem?

It establish in 2014. OneCoin is dedicated to have a coin for mass use in line with its vision to provide access to financial services for all the people in all over the world. To fulfill our promise to the growing community using OneCoin currency, we started creating an ecosystem around coin. We are very happy to say that our members and clients can choose between a growing number of OneCoin.

What is OneLife Network?

OneLife Network is a marketing company using network with a great mission to deliver engaging and life-changing products. We inspire our clients through strong leadership and education on a full spectrum. Our marketing associates are rewarded for their efforts. The OneLife Network has the chance to mine the coin, use the coin and benefit from both the value of the coin and the world wide rage of available OneCoin products.

What is DealShaker? 

DealShaker is a started e-commerce platform, part of the OneCoin ecosystem. It provides services for  advertising platform for people who are willing to offer products and services to people in all over the world. DealShaker enables client-to-client and business-to-customer deal promotions in price combinations.

What is OneForex?

On an award-winning platform, OneForex  a unique marketplace for business with all levels of experience. It provides retail to investors with 24-hour, five days in a week for foreign exchange markets. OneForex will be the only exchange where you can sale and purchse your OneCoins in all over the worlds. Major currencies. With One-Forex will be able to trade and invest like a real professional.

What is CoinCloud?

CoinCloud is an app solution, developed for almost all types of devices. It benefits all OneCoin miner , who are looking for security solution to store data, along with the opportunity to privately browse the Internet in one simple  brilliant app.

What is OneWorld Foundation?

The OneWorld Foundation is committed to bringing positive changes to childrens’ lives. We believe that all children should have the chance to live up to their potential and develop their knowledge and skills. Our hope is that by supporting educational and social projects for children and the communities they live in, we will help even the playing field for future generations.

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