5W Stereo Audio Amplifier

5W stero Amplifier Circuit

5W stero Amplifier Circuit

In this article we are going to show you how you can build a 5W stereo audio amplifier using TEA 2025 IC. We have used two potentiometers for left and right volume controls. It has power output is 2.5 watts on the left and right channels. It used 9 to 12 volts power supply for each channels.

Circuit and working

Circuit diagram of  5W stereo audio amplifier is given below. This Circuit is built around IC TEA 2025. Two 10-kilo-ohm potentiometers are also part of this circuit, two 8-ohm, 2.5 watts loudspeakers and a few other components are parts of this audio amplifier. This amplifier is best to use together with some speakers to get sound on your desktop computer or laptop computer.

5w Streo Amplifier circuit

Parts list

Part Value Description
C1 100µF 35v polarized Capacitor
C2 100µF 35v polarized Capacitor
C3 100µF 35v polarized Capacitor
C4 100µF 35v polarized Capacitor
C5 100µF 35v polarized Capacitor
C6 470µF 35v polarized Capacitor
C7 100µF 35v polarized Capacitor
C8 470µF 35v polarized Capacitor
C9 0.22µF non-polarized capacitor
C10 0.22µF non-polarized capacitor
C11 0.15µF non-polarized capacitor
C12 0.15µF non-polarized capacitor
TEA2025 TEA2025B Amplifier chip IC
SPKR1 4-8 Ohm speaker
SPKR2 4-8 Ohm speaker
R1+R2 10K DUAL Potentiometer

This Circuit provides the maximum gain of 45 dB but it can be lowered by placing an external RC series circuit between the feed back pin (6 and 11 as shown in circuit diagram) and ground. The features recommends that not reduce the gain under 36 dB. In order to gain maximum result, use R=0 and C=100 µF between the feedback and ground. Frequency formula is given below to calculate the frequency.

FL = 1/(2? CRL) = 80 Hz

An amazing feature of TEA2025 is it has built-in thermal protection. its full capacity is 5 watts if you want to run it on full output. So to gain full output you will have to use heat sink in the circuit. If you don not use heat sink internal thermal protection will not let the IC to damage it will reduce the output power when it will sense excessive power.

TEA Audio amplifier circuit


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