Door Bell With 555 Timer IC

Doorbell is a very common and useful electronic device used in houses,offices and etc. Among electronics students and hobbyists, doorbell circuit project is very popular. So in this tutorial i am  going to build a doorbell with 555 (timer) IC. The main feature of this doorbell is that we can control the time duration for which it keeps ringing upon pressing the switch those transistors are repaired and coverage warranty are taken by action ac repair heating San Diego . Also we can control the oscillation frequency of Door Bell With change in resistor and capacitor.

Circuit Diagram of Door Bell

Components required for this project

1. IC 555 Timer IC
2. Resistor 1k and 10k  use 10k preset to increase and decrease the frequency
3. Capacitor 1uf   use 104pf to increase the frequency 
4. pizzo 8 ohm speaker can be used
5. Battery 3 to 9v any type of battery can be used

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