In this post, we are going to explain Ijma in Islam. Ijma is the third and secondary source of law which means “consensus”. It is an agreement among Muslim scholars on a new raising issue. According to the need of the time, Allah gave sanction to Muslims to perform ijma because it is necessary to resolve to raise the need for time. All schools of thought are agreed with this theory and perform as needed.


Meaning of Ijma In Islam

The word Ijma is driven from the Arabic word “AJMAA” which means agree upon a matter.

Definition of Ijma

An agreement upon a question of law of Muslim scholars at the same time.

Basis of Ijma

  • Quran
  • Sunnah
  • Analogy

Quran in Favor of Ijma

Almighty Allah completed the Quran in all aspects and our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) is the last prophet of Allah. That is why new raising problems and their solution is also given in light of Islam.

Allah Says in Quran about Ijma

  • Obey God and obey the Prophet and those among you who have authority.
  • You are the best of men, and it is your duty to order men to do what is right and forbid men what is wrong.

Ahadees Texts in Favor of Ijma In Islam

  • My followers will never agree upon what is wrong.
  • It is acted upon you to follow the main body.
  • Whoever esprit himself from the main body will go to HEL.

Types of Ijma

  • Explicit Ijma: In this Islamic scholars express their views on a rising Islamic issue discussed in a place.
  • Silent Ijma: In this Islamic scholars do not clearly express their views on an issue and the majority remain silent.
  • Absolute Ijma: In this, there never has been any different views of Muslim scholar, and not will be any differences.

Who can perform Ijma?

Qualification of mujahid must have the following qualities.

  • Scholar of the Quran and sunnah
  • Expert in the Arabic language
  • Known the principle of Naskh
  • Known Qiyas
  • Familiar with traditional science
  • Competent to explain the law
  • Updated with knowledge of society

The validity of Ijma in Islam

  • The agreement must take place among mujtahid.
  • The agreement is animus
  • The mujtahid must be formed in Islamic society.
  • The agreement must be held according to Islamic rules.

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