Intel company manufactured the 1st 8-bit 8051 microcontrollers in 1981. It was referred to as the MCS-51 microcontroller system. ROM, RAM, Timer, Input/output ports, serial communication and interrupt logic all are built into a controller. All are in the built-in controllers which is why its size was overall small. As we know that when we built a system with the help of a microcontroller it is always simple and consists of a few components. This microcontroller system can be used in various applications to perform specific operations in machine tools, electronics projects, chemical devices, Medical instrumentation, PC keyboards, automatic cameras, etc. In this article, we are going to explore some important 8051 microcontroller projects for electronics and engineering students in the field of life.

8051 Microcontroller Projects for Engineering Students

The modern system contains three main parts such as processor which acts as the brain of all systems, memory which contains program instructions that tell the system brain what to do and how to do it, and input and output which are used for further processing data or output of the data. 8050 Microcontroller can also be used in different engineering projects such as GPS, RFID, GSM, Robotics, Sensors, Android, Voice control, etc.

8051 Microcontroller Projects for Engineering Students

The list of some important 8051 microcontroller projects for engineering students includes the following.

Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)Using 8051 Microcontroller

The project is keys, LCD Board, and authority switches are the main components. In this EVM project, 3 authority switch includes the first for voting mode selection the 2nd switch for a vote, and the 3rd authority switch for clearing the vote.

Password-Based Circuit Breaker using 8051 Microcontroller

This project is for a power controller person especially. Most electrical accidents occur because of misunderstandings between staff. The project Password-based circuit breaker provides the solution to these electrical accidents. A lineman can switch on and off by using the password whenever he wants to work with a line or power board.

List of Microcontroller-based Mini Projects

Some low-cost and simple 8051 microcontroller projects are given below.

1). Five-Channel IR Remote Control System Using Microcontroller

Through this project, you can control 5 channel remote circuit. This circuit works on the principle of IR sensor communications.

2). Two Digits Up-Down Counter

This project is mainly used for the scoreboard the main principle of this two digits down counter circuit increment 7 segment display.

3). The Auto intensity of Street Lights

This microcontroller project is designed to control automatic streetlights.

4). Celsius Scale Thermometer Using AT89C51

This circuit works on an A/D converter, The Celsius scale thermometer is designed using AT89C51 and LM35U,

Features of 8051 Microcontroller

The main features of the 8051 microcontrollers are given below in the list.

  • 8050 microcontroller is a 40-pin DIP package IC
  • 32 pins  can be used as input/output pins, and 8 pins are special-purpose pins
  • The max operating frequency of this microcontroller is  1.0 MHz
  • The operating voltage of this controller is +5v DC
  • ROM is 4KB and the external ROM is 64 KB of 8051
  • It has 8 bits data bus size
  • The address bus is 16 bits
  • It has 6 interrupts
  • ISP connectors are used to connect the ISP programmer with the board for loading the HEX file into the microcontroller IC
  • Red LED is used for power indication

Applications of the 8051 Microcontroller

Some main applications where microcontrollers are used are given in the list below

  • Home security systems
  • Intelligent multimeter
  • Personal computer keyboards
  • TV remotes
  • Microwave ovens
  • Machine tools
  • Chemical instrumentation
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Electronic toys
  • Coffee makers
  • VCR’s

List of Some of the Microcontroller based Projects are given below

  • Automated railway crossing
  • Home automation system using IoT
  • Smart traffic signal system
  • Voice-controlled robot
  • Bluetooth controlled robot
  • Gesture controlled robot
  • Automatic solar tracker
  • Biometric authentication
  • Biped walking robot
  • Smart building using IoT
  • Access control with RFID
  • Animation hand