1. Simple Voltage level indicator

Here, we have given an idea about a very very simple voltage level indicator in different two ways. voltage level indicator with resistors and voltage level indicator with Zenor, Both circuits are very simple and informative, especially for students who are beginners in the field of electronics. |Read More|

2. Electronic Mosquito Repellent Circuit

People use coils, mats, creams, and liquids as Mosquito repellents at various places. However, these repellents almost become the cause of dangerous diseases like skin cancer, breathing problems, etc. That is why Electronic Mosquito repellent is best to protect your home instead of another repellent. We have made this circuit with a 555 timer to generate the ultrasonic sound for Mosquito Repellent|Read More|

3. water level indicator

This circuit is about water level indicator by using transistors you can also make this circuit by using switching is 2003. A water level tester is a very important circuit to save water wastage. you can also connect the relay with this circuit to control the level of water in the water tank. |Read More|

4. Automatic Fire Alarm Circuit

Fire Alarm Circuit is a circuit that detects a fire and activates the Siren alarm connected to the circuit. Fire Alarm Circuits are very important devices to protect people or property from damage. In this article, we have built this circuit just with a single transistor and thermistor (heat sensor). |Read More|

5. Flip Flop with timer IC 555

This circuit is about Flip Flop with a timer is 555. We have used 8 LEDs of 2 pairs that glow after one another. Timer IC most commonly used IC in the field of electronic circuits. |Read More|

6. Non Contact voltages tester

None voltages tester is a device that detects AC voltages without touching the wire or any other objects of AC. In this modern, everyone uses almost all AC appliances. When we check any object we must verify whether current is present in it or not. |Read More|


7. Single Transistor Amplifier Circuit

In this project, we have designed a very simple Single transistor amplifier. We can use any NPN-type transistor in this project. It’s a very low-power single-transistor amplifier but reliable for low boosting. The transistor takes input from any source and boosts the and gives output. |Read More|

8. Flip Flop using Transistors

In this project, we are going to make a led blinker circuit using transistors. This circuit is mostly used in almost all electronics projects like timers, blinkers, etc. Nowadays timer ic 555 is used instead of transistors because ic chip(555 timer ic) is easy to use due to embedded circuits the same as transistors work.

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4v to 220v Ac inverter

In this simple and interesting project, we have made a very simple inverter circuit.  In this circuit, we have used a transformer from a mobile phone charger and a transistor from an old CFL (saver circuit), and extra we have used a 10-ohm resistor which is connected to the base.  Actually, it’s an oscillator circuit and the same as jelly thrift working. /Read More/


10. Rain Alarm Circuit using Transistors

In this simple circuit, we have to build a simple electronics project which detects the water or rain and rings an alarm to alert us.  This alarm is very use full for auto cut-off current in the rainy season to protect the life of humans. This is a basic circuit that is used in water level indicator and auto shut down the water pump.

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