In this article we are going to explaing Top Electronics Projects Ideas. Exploration and innovation is critical in engineering world and it demands the highest level of creativity in this modern age. Engineering projects are given to electrical and electronics students to explor and create a road map for new chalanges whose knowledge of research is often limited.

Main purpose of is on international developments and trends in the field of Engineering. With the help of electronics and electrical projects, we try to explain the need for logical learning and implementation. The shared experiences and knowledge in the field of latest project energize engineering students through new and innovative thought.

Top Electronics Projects

List of Top Electronic Projects Ideas For Engineering Students

list of some top electronics projects for engineering students are given below. you can take idea from our team if you need any project about electronics we will happy to assist you.

Piezoelectric Transducer And Arduino Based Wirelessly Controlled Energy saving scheme For Street Lights

In this project, a street light energy saving system is designed. In this, street lights are turned ON automatically by Arduino when wehicles and pedestrians are detected by the transducer and turnd off automaticlly after a specific time when there is no movement. Power consumption for street lights can be minimized using this project.

Internet of Things Mobile Air Pollution Monitoring System

Air Pollution is increasing and distrubing the environement in modern age of today it must should be mnitored and controlled. To control this high pollution monitoring systems is also available. so, for this problem evolutionary approach loT based air pollution monitoring system is available.

This porject is consist of three-steps air pollutin monitoring sytem. This project consist of gas sensors, WiFi module, and Arduinoi IDE. Thsese system are palced in multiple location in all over the world in multiple cities, Arduino receive data about pollution from the gas sensors. In this way poultion decreasing measures are taken where pollution is very high.

Digital Code Lock with LCD and Keypad using 8051 Microcontroller

This engineering project is includes a digital lock using an AT89C2051′ LCD as display and a keypad is used to input the values for lock codes. C language is used for codeing. It is a simple digital lock project which helps in protecting/preventing hacking.  The master lock is of 10 digts and fundamental loc is of 5 dights. Its very safe and not easy for hacker to break this security system. The input value are displayed on LCD and also a pin available to active and deactive the LCD.

Magnetic Levitation Circuit: Top Electronics Projects Ideas

This project is used to hang objects at a predermind distance by using lectromagent. magnetic force is the basic logic of this project that is equal and oposit to the force of gravity on the object targeted.Two foces are applied to cance each other and the targeted object remain hanged from the distace. This project is used by secruity and intelgence mostly.

Tongue Motion Controlled Wheel Chair: Top Electronics Projects Ideas

GSM Advanced Wireless Earthquake Alarm System for Early Warning

GSM Autonomous CAR Parking

Microcontroller Based Two-Axis Solar Tracking System

Mobi E-Cops With Multiprocessor System

Monitor and Control of Greenhouse Environment