AT24C32 IC Two-Wire Serial EEPROM is a Serial Electrically Erasable PROM of 4K x 8 (32Kbit). It is specially designed for low-power advanced, applications such as personal communications or data acquisition. It is the standard 8-pin plastic DIP, and 8-pin surface mounts SOIC package. 24C32 detail is given below.

AT24C32 IC Two-Wire Serial EEPROM

AT24C32 IC Two-Wire Serial EEPROM Pin-out Configuration

Pin Number Pin Name Description of the pins
1 A0 User configured pin
2 A0 User configured same like pin 1
3 A0 It is also user configured
4 Vss (Ground) Connected to the ground
5 Serial Data (SDA) This pin is for Serial Data for I2C Communication
6 Serial Clock (SCL) Serial Clock pin for I2C Communication data
7 WP (Write Protect) If connected to Vss write is enabled and if connected to Vcc write is disabled.
8 Vcc Connect to supply

AT24C32 Specifications and Features

  • Supply Voltage: 1.8V to 5.5V DC
  • Supply Current – Max: 2 MA
  • Memory Size: 4K x 8 (32Kbit)
  • Organization: 4 k x 8=32kbit
  • Interface Type: Serial, 2-Wire, and I2C
  • Max Clock Frequency: 40 kHz
  • 32-Byte Page Write Mode feature
  • Self-timed write cycle feature
  • 8-pin PDIP, SOIC, and TSSOP available packages

Equivalent Of AT24C32 IC

24LC512, and 24C04 are the same as AT24C32

Replacement For AT24C32 IC

You can replace it with EEPROM’S: 24LC1026, AT24C256, 25LC050

How to Use AT24C32 IC

Its interface is very easy you can easily connect it to a microcontroller by using only 5 pins. The interfacing diagram for AT24C32 IC is given below.

AT24C32 IC Two-Wire Serial EEPROM

Pin 6 of AT24C32 IC is connected to the Serial clock pin of the microcontroller and Serial Data pin 5 is connected to the Serial Data pin (SDA) of the microcontroller. The SCK and SDA pins are pulled high using two pull-up resistors (4.7k). This will keep the bus at a high state during the off condition.

Select pins A0, A1, and A2 are only useful if more than one EEPROM is connected to the same microcontroller otherwise these pins can be grounded directly. In the above circuit diagram, we have connected the three pins to the PIO pins so that we can use more than one EEPROM IC if required.

Pin 7 is provided for improving data security in the AT24C32 IC. Data can be written/erased only if the WP pin is held low (logic 0). On the other condition, the data written on the EEPROM will remain unchanged.

Applications of AT24C32 IC

  • Used in Data Logging
  • Remote storage devices
  • Used in storage devices
  • Audio devices commonly used AT24C32 IC
  • Data analytics can use this ic
  • The flash memory of the MCU is less

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