LM324 is an Operational Amplifier (Op-amp) consisting of four channels. It is a very low-cost device that has true differential inputs. LM 324 is superior to the other operational amplifiers in the case of a single supply. It is capable of operating at a minimum voltage of up to 3V and maximum voltage levels of up to 32V.

LM324 IC: Pin Configuration, Circuit working, Features and applications

The main advantage of IC LM-324 is that the common-mode input range includes a negative supply which eliminates the need for external biasing. The negative power supply voltage is also included in the output voltage range. Ic LM324 is lead (Pb) free, halogen-free, and RoHS compliant. It consists of four amplifier units. It is conventional amplifier circuits, transducer amplifiers, DC gain blocks, etc.

Pin Configuration of LM324

The pin configuration of LM324 is given below in full detail

LM324 IC Pin Configuration

  • Pin1, 7, 8, and 14 are the outputs of comparator LM324.
  • Pin2, 6, 9, and 13 are the inverting inputs of this IC.
  • Pin3, 5, 10, and 12 are non-inverting input pins.
  • Pin11 is the ground (0V) pin of the Comparator.
  • Pin4 is the supply voltage; 5V of this IC.

Pin Configuration of LM324

Feature specifications

  • Wide power supply voltage range: 3V to 30V is a very important feature.
  • Very low power supply current (minimum): 0.8 milliamperes can b used.
  • The normal output current for each op-amp is 20 milliamperes typical (10 mA minimum).
  • Output current that flows from the positive supply to output-pin: 8 milliamperes typical (5 mA minimum).
  • Maximum voltage gain (typical): 100,000.
  • Feedback resistors between output-pin and inverting (-) input.

LM324 IC Packages

The LM324 IC is available in four different packages.

  • TSSOP package (5 x 4.4 mm individual dimensions)
  • SOIC package (8.65 X 3.91 mm individual dimensions)
  • CDIP package (19.56 X 6.67mm individual dimensions)
  • PDIP package (19.177 X 6.35mm individual dimensions)

LM324 IC Applications

There is a lot of application for LM324. Some of the applications of this IC are as follows.

  • Comparator IC is used in the robot-like line following
  • It is a conventional op-amp application.
  • Uses mostly amplifiers, oscillators, rectifiers, comparators, etc.