Analog Devices Inc. LT8228 Bidirectional Buck/Boost Controller

Analog devises LT8228 Synchronous Buck/Boost Controller: LM324 Is An Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp) that Consists Of Four Channels. It Is A Very Low-Cost Device That Has True Differential Inputs. LM 324 Is Superior To The Other Operational Amplifiers In The Case Of A Single Supply. It Is Capable Of Operating At The Minimum Voltage of Up To 3V And Maximum Voltage Levels of Up To 32V.

LT8228 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices

Analog devises Inc. LT8228 Bidirectional Buck FEATURES

  • 10V gate drive
  • A bidirectional voltage or current regulation and Bidirectional reverse current protection
  • Input and output negative voltage protection to -60V and Bidirectional inrush current limit and Boost output short protection
  • Switching MOSFET short detection and protection
  • Wide input and output voltage range up to 100V and Feedback voltage tolerance: ±1.0% over temperature
  • Bidirectional programmable current regulation and monitoring and Extensive self-test, diagnostics, and fault reporting
  • 80kHz to 600kHz programmable fixed or synchronizable switching frequency and Programmable soft-start and dynamic current limit
  • Masterless, fault-tolerant current sharing

APPLICATIONS LT8228 Bidirectional

  • High power system backup and supply stabilization
  • Dual-battery automotive and industrial systems
  • Power interrupt protection system
  • "N+1" redundant, high-reliability power supplies


  • Ease the Design of 12V/48V Dual Battery Automotive Systems
    The future of 12V/48V battery systems in automobiles is just around the corner. It does not mean that the 12V battery is going to end.


Analog Devices Inc. LT8228 Bidirectional Buck/Boost Controller

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