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How to Build a Latch Circuit with Transistors

Transistor Latch Circuit

Latch is logic circuit of electronics which has two stable states. A latch is a device similar to a transistors. It has 3 terminals which function like a transistor base, collector, and emitter. In transistor when current is fed to base the sufficient current flows from emitter to collector as long as base feeding but […]

Two Transistor Amplifier

Class A power amplifier circuit

For most systems single transistor amplifier does not provide sufficient gain or output impedance matching. The solution is only to combine multiple stages of amplification. In this amplifier circuit we are going to shows a simple two transistor amplifier. In the single transistor amplifier circuit we have made a very simple amplifier with one transistor, […]

Single Transistor Amplifier Circuit

single transistor amplifier

An audio amplifier is a device which multiply an applied input signal amplitude to a level that may be much higher than the input signal. The input is given in the form of an audio or a music. The amplifiers are classified into classes like class A, class B, class AB, class C and class […]

DIY Non-Contact Voltage Detector

non connact ac test

Description:┬áNon-contact Voltage Detector Skill Level:┬áBeginner Assembly Time: approximately 30 minutes Electricity can cause injury or even can become the cause of death that is why safety must come first when working with electrical devices or electricity .In this article, we will show you how to design a simple efficient Non Contact Voltage detector by using […]

LED blinker directly with 220v AC

Led flsher 220v

In this 220v blinking led circuit we powered a 3 volt dc led directly with 220V AC. This circuit can be used on special places to identify the main voltages. Capacitor is charged by 470k resistor and diode. The capacitor is charged by Diode IN4007 and 470k resistor. Capacitor is voltages are 35v when capacitor […]

Top 10 Simple Electronics Projects for beginner

Top 10 Electronics Circuits

In this post we are going to publish a list of best mini electronics projects for electronics students. These project are helpful for beginners,I,II and III year engineering students. This list includes the projects from different categories like ICs,Transistors,Thermistors, DTMF, GSM, solar energy, etc. These projects gives a basic idea for our final project. So, […]