CD 4017 IC-Decade Counter

IC CD 4017 is a CMOS Decade counter. This IC is mostly used for low range counting applications. It  counts from 0 to 10 (the decade count).  It can count from zero to ten (0-10) and its outputs are decoded. IC CD 4017 takes less space and saves time to build our circuits when our application demands using a counter followed by a decoder IC. This IC also simplifies the design.This IC is also used in automotive industries, electronic industries, medical electronic devices, alarms and in electronic instrumentation devices.CD 4017 ic


IC CD 4017 has the following main features

  • The supply voltage of this IC is 3V to 15V DC typically 5v.
  • Supports 10 decoded outputs (0-9).
  • Maximum Clock Frequency: 5.5Mhz.
  • TTL (Transistor -Transistor Logic) compatible.
  • Available in 16-pin PDIP, GDIP, PDSO packages.


PIN Description of CD 4017 IC


 IC 4017 – Pin Configuration

  • Pins 1 to 7 and 9 to 11 are outputs pins.
  • These  pins changes to ‘high’ level one by one according to output sequence. For each clock signal each pin goes high.

Clock Inhibit/Enable pin/(Pin 13)

  • EN pin(Enable Pin) enables the CD 4017 IC. It enables IC when the pin is active low.
  • In order to switch off the IC, EN pin should be connected to active high input.When this pin is active high ,it stops the clock signals.

Clock pin(pin 14)

  • Clock Pin provides signals to IC for sequential output.
  • When the first clock pulse is applied on Clock pin then pin 5 goes high (its output 0).
  • The clock input pin only responds to the positive voltage signal or positive clock.

Reset pin(Pin 15)

  • Reset pin resets the output of the sequence so output goes on pin 3 as its reset.
  • Reset pin (pin 15) should be connected to ground in order to reset the circuit.

Ground pin & supply pin(Pin 8 & Pin 16)

Pin number 8 is ground pin and it is connected to negative supply voltage while pin number 16 is the supply pin for CD 4017 IC and it is connected to positive voltage supply 3v to 16v.

Counting operation of CD 4017 IC using waveforms

 IC 4017 – Pin Configuration

This is the timing diagram of the CD 4017 ic that shows us the comparison and also explains the counting sequence of the outputs (Q0-Q9) shifting from one pin to the next pin in sequence.

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